The Big ROI—Best 3 KB Exercises

I named this workout “The Big ROI” (Roy). You get the biggest bang for your buck if you had to choose three kettlebell exercises that provide the best Return On Investment.

Literally drove to Portugal and back in 24 hours to shoot this video. Had a great time, left Spain at 7pm, got there around 1am, parked the car on the beach, slept (hardly) on the back seat, got up at 7am to search for a good place for breakfast—more exciting stuff happened, but that’s only for the people I meet in person—, nothing opened till 9am. Then headed to the beach to meet up with two awesome crossfitters (Claudia and Eric) whom I met via Facebook, we carried my kettlebells 800m across the beach for the perfect spot, a very secluded spot in Lagos Portugal (Praia Dona Ana) where we did some filming and shot some awesome photos.

I designed the workout with the following in mind:

  • beach, sand (i.e. no laying down or putting the kb down)
  • best three exercises to do for the biggest return on investment (ROI)

The video at the top of the page is the result.



The Big ROI workout is a downwards ladder of the following kettlebell complex:

  • half snatch
  • reverse lunge
  • sots press

start with 5 reps on each side, then 4, 3, 2 and 1. Rest when you need to.

Choose your weight carefully, base it on the SOTs press, i.e. a weight you can press in the squat position and complete all set-out reps with.

I chose these three exercises as I wanted the biggest bang for my buck and knew I had to work on sand, so here is what I got for my buck with these three:

  • major stability work with the reverse lunge
  • explosive work and I get a swing in, after all, everyone will say “swing” if you’re talking about the best kettlebell exercises
  • overhead work with the oh lunge
  • incredible core work plus a press with the sots press and the added bonus is that I also get a squat in while getting into position
  • isometric muscle contraction in the Sots press is a must to be able to press

If we’re talking muscles:

  • glutes
  • hamstrings
    • semimembranosus
    • semitendinosus
    • biceps femoris
  • quads
    • rectus femoris
    • vastus lateralis
    • vastus medialis
    • vastus intermedius
  • anterior delt
  • latissimus dorsi
  • triceps
  • supraspinatus
  • infraspinatus
  • teres minor
  • teres major
  • trapezius
  • rhomboids
  • levator scapulae
  • stability
    • adductors and abductors for stability
    • delts



This is not a beginners workout, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • full squat depth
  • good overhead mobility
  • good stability
  • great core strength


  • hip hinge, deadlift, swing → snatch
  • squat, reverse lunge, press → oh reverse lunge
  • squat, deep squat, overhead squat → sots press


Kettlebell Holiday

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