The burpee when performed incorrectly can create stress on the lower back and the knees. This can be prevented as explained in the video below.

There are many burpee variations, one of my favorites is the CrossFit burpee, and here’s how to perform this variation.

Here’s one more burpee variation that you should check out, it’s the jump burpee, it’s different from the CrossFit burpee in that there is no triceps push-up. The burpee on which all variations are built is the one where you come into a plank and stand back up.

After improving your burpee technique and avoiding injury, you also want to make sure that you’re not performing flurpees instead of burpees. Here’s what flurpees are.

If you love burpees as much as we do, then come and join our Burpee and Kettlebell Swing challenge online.

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