Kettlebells in CrossFit

Kettlebells in CrossFit

Lets be honest, there isn’t enough of it, yes, there is a great amount of what a kettlebell trainer would not include in a workout (American Swings). Yet the kettlebell is a far more superior tool to the barbell in many ways, not all ways, but many ways.

Working out Versus Training—Are You Working out or Training?

When you’re Training, you’re getting specific. This means you’re training a specific exercise or group of exercises—either under the guidance of a trainer or yourself—with the specific aim of getting better at it. The goal of the training can be improving technique, getting more reps or using more weight, but Training is all about having a predetermined goal and a predetermined way to get there.

Kettlebell Snatches ripped calluses

100 Kettlebell Snatches, CrossFitters be like ….

You see it every now and again in online communities, a post of hands completely ripped after doing a large number of cleans or snatches. I’ll be honest, I also have boasted about it, because it’s kind of like “Look at me, I did not give up, I completed what I set out to do!”. But now, I won’t go there again, unless I was in an important kettlebell competition that I trained up for.

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