Being Too Old Is Just an Excuse

Being Too Old Is Just an Excuse!

Being Too Old Is Just an Excuse! No I’m not being too harsh at all. Not being able to bend down and tie your shoe laces is not something that is predefined for every human being that grows older and neither is not being able to hip hinge and touch the ground with your hands.

Improve quality of life

The #1 Thing To Improve Your Training and Life

Improve Your Quality of Life. The One Article You Should Read Today! The number one thing that improves the training of Crossfitters, Kettlebell enthusiasts, Cavemantrainers, and Mace swingers all across the world, it will even improve the quality of life for those that don’t train.

Deadlifts in CrossFit

Deadlifts in CrossFit: Controversial or Just Named Incorrectly?

To be the most efficient, we let the weight drop from as high as possible, as the higher the height that the weight drops from, the higher the bounce we get on the way up, meaning, we can get the lift halfway up so that we only have to lift half a rep each time.

Performance enhancing kettlebells

PEK’s – Performance Enhancing Kettlebells

In CrossFit, we’ve seen the Kettlebell as something to swing overhead and in some cases, pick up and carry to the other side of the room. We certainly get a lot of benefits from these two movements, but Kettlebells do have other purposes & benefits.

3 out of 24 unconventional kettlebell exercises

24 Unconventional Kettlebell Exercises: Three Broken Down

You hear it all the time “unconventional this, unconventional that”, but what is unconventional? The definition of ‘unconventional’ is something not based on or conforming to what is generally done, and that’s exactly what these 24 unconventional kettlebell exercises are.

The American Kettlebell Swing: Why You Should Never Do It

I think it’s a lot of bull to justify the American Swing with it being more natural to complete the movement, if that is the case, then why do deadlifts at all, why not complete it with a clean or snatch? Hold your horses, just because I don’t agree with the above, does not mean I don’t like the American Swing, I’m just saying the above is bull to justify it.

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