Biceps and triceps workout

Brachium Superius—MAX BICEP & TRICEP PUMP!

This awesome biceps and triceps workout Brachium Superius includes the best of the best tools to give your upper arms that amazing pump you’re looking for. There is barbell, kettlebell, trx, dipping bar and pull-up bar work involved. Holding your protein shake after this workout is even going to be an effort.

Cinco Tres Cinco WOD

Cinco Tres Cinco WOD

5 repetitions, 3 exercises, five awesome rounds FOR TIME! Do this WOD and post your results below or on our Facebook.   5 Barbell Power Snatches 5 Dead to Overhead Deadlift (each side) 5 Push-up to Chin Above Bar Five rounds FOR TIME.   ℞ for males 40kg barbell 2 x 24kg kettlebell ℞ for …

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3 kettlebell workouts for crossfit

3 Kettlebell Workouts for CrossFit

These three kettlebell workouts have been specifically designed for use in the Kettlebell Swing and Snatch Efficiency in CrossFit Workshop, but they can just as easily be used outside of the workshop. The workouts are awesome and to be performed one after the other, with up to one or two minutes rest in between!

Battling Ropes Muscles Worked

Battling Ropes Muscles Worked

In co-operation with Muscle and Motion—one of the best tools to help people understand the movements and muscles used in exercises. Above is a video of the all-time Cavemantraining favourite exercises, battling ropes double waves. Like?   You can see the original video below Caveman Trainer Goes Through Insane Workout.

Best Mobility Exercise

If you only ever had one exercise to work on your mobility, it would be this exercise and it’s variations! It’s my personal opinion that the overhead get-up and it’s variations is the best all-round exercise to work on your mobility, there are so many good things happening in the movement. Above is a video of …

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Caveman WOD ‘Zamora’

Click play to watch the workout above, and download the PDF with the full workout below. This workout includes the warm-up, you start the timer when you start the warm-up, the warm-up is obviously done only once and consists of 100 jumping jacks 30 alternating surrenders 50 ‘any’ push-ups go straight from the warm-up into …

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Kettlebell Swing

  THE KETTLEBELL SWING One of the most important kettlebell exercises you need to know. – presented by Taco Fleur The kettlebell swing is the foundation for many other kettlebell exercises and therefore it is important you become proficient in this exercise and understand each fine little detail of the exercise. If you’re in a …

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Kettlebell Windmill

Here is an awesome kettlebell workout which includes the kettlebell Windmill. Apart from the above video, here are some more videos that feature the kettlebell windmill.

Common Deadlift Mistakes

Common deadlift (squat style) mistakes: 1. Folding forward at the hips without descending into a squat and rounding the back to try and lift the bar Beginners will tend to simply bend over and try to pick up the bar, without descending into a squat position. This creates a very long “lever” (i.e. the entire …

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Sumo Dead Lift

The kettlebell Sumo deadlift is great to lift heavier weight and also to work on those external hip rotators and abductors. The Sumo deadlift is not a squat but more of a hip hinge with a very wide stance.

Kettlebell Training for BJJ + MMA

Kettlebell training is great for BJJ, MMA, and any other sport for that matter, it’s great because ‘when done right’ it can improve so many attributes that you need to be a well-skilled fighter. To name a few benefits of kettlebells for fighters: hand-eye coordination proprioception core strength grip strength cardiovascular endurance muscular endurance balance …

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Kettlebell Training for MMA

Kettlebells are a great tool to use for getting fighters in top shape for MMA or BJJ. Kettlebells can be used for cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, power, strength, agility, flexibility, and injury-proofing. In our shop, you’ll find everything you need to start kettlebell training yourself or learn how to train your athletes. Everything from the fundamentals, …

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How to Squat

The Ultimate Squat Tutorial The squat is the most primal and basic exercise that everyone should be able to do properly. It’s a movement that everyone performs daily when they’re either sitting down into a chair, sitting on the toilet, bringing themselves down to the ground, or lowering themselves to safely pick something up from …

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