Alternative Workout Equipment That Can Be Found At Home

Not all great workouts have to happen in the gym. In the same vein, not all good workouts have to happen with expensive gym equipment. You can get the best workout by simply utilizing simple, readily available items in the home. Open your eyes and you will see that there is a whole lot of equipment you can use disguised in your home as everyday items.
Using items that you already have instead of buying equipment at a sports fitness store can be financially liberating, especially if you are into frugal living. Stretch your imagination and you can see that items in your home can be used to target muscles and help you build a lean body. You don’t have to go spending every time for the most up to date new-fangled equipment. Read on below and be surprised.


1. Weighted Vest: A Filled Backpack

Yes, lugging a heavy backpack to and from work or school can be a chore, so why not use it as an exercise tool? That heavy bag adds a little extra weight and resistance, which can give you a cardio workout, target your muscles, and challenge your body harder. It generally gives you a maximum workout.

You can even use this filled backpack to be worn at the front or the back, and it immediately changes the muscles it targets. You can use a backpack as long as you feel no pain or discomfort. You can use the bag to work out the glutes and quads while climbing the stairs.


2. Dumbbells: Bags of Rice/Beans or Water Bottles

Doing your grocery introduces you to a lot of heavy items and top on that list are dry rice and beans. These bags are great alternatives for dumbbells, and they can help get you started on your workout immediately. Water bottles are also good, and some bottles even come with handles you can readily grip.

To make your workout extra challenging with these items, try doing repetitions that are much slower and more concentrated by doing three seconds for each movement. Cans can also be great replacements for dumbbells, especially smaller and more lightweight cans if you are only a beginner. However, the heavier, bigger cans can feel bulkier and more awkward.


3. Resistance Bands: Tied Pantyhose

Pantyhose look flimsy and innocent but they can provide you one sweaty workout. A tied pantyhose can give you just enough flexibility to create tension during certain movements. To make sure that you get a sturdy resistance, you can use several pantyhose. You can use the pantyhose and loop it just over your knee while doing hip thrusts. You can also hold either end of the pantyhose out front and tug outward during high knees and butt kicks.


4. Heavier Medicine Ball: Jug of Laundry Detergent

If you need more weight in your workouts, laundry detergent can help. Make sure that the laundry detergent is heavy enough for the resistance you need and has a handle for easy grip. Also, make sure that the lid is shut tight. You can use this item in your grocery for Russian twists or overhead sit-ups. You can also use it in planking where you engage the ab muscles and shoulder muscles. To do this move, set the jug aside to one side of your body. Reach through it with the opposite arm and then carry it to the other side. You can also use a jug of laundry detergent as a kettlebell, and employ traditional kettlebell exercises with it.
Final Thoughts:

Exercise gives you physical fitness but part of the fun of looking for alternative workout equipment is looking for items you can use for your workout. There are tons of tutorials you can seek out on the internet on how to use these items, and you will be amazed that your six-pack and your toned arms were built with simple items from your home groceries.

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