A Personal Trainer is not a Friend

A Personal Trainer is not a Friend, Or?…

A personal trainer is not a friend

There are many reasons for this. The personal trainer who crosses that very clear line and becomes your friend is not going to be able to be as objective as you need them to be to get the results that you desire. In most cases, you are paying this individual a good deal of your hard earned money to help you to reach a point of physical fitness that you cannot reach on your own because of a lack of drive, discipline or for some other reason. Allowing them to become or wanting them to become your friend makes this process impossible.

OK, so they are not a friend. How should I think of them?

Think of your personal trainer as someone who you despise and want to prove wrong with every fiber of your being. By linking to your inner stubbornness during the training period, you will begin to hear more “Great work, but you can do better!” Instead of “You slacked off this week, let’s double time it!” You can even think of them as an implacable parent who you can never appease or impress. However, you cannot under any circumstance think of them as a friend. If you want someone to talk to and to hear you out about your trials and troubles, talk to your actual friends or go talk to a therapist if they are deep-rooted personal issues. The moment that they become more than someone to get you to the point that you want to be at, that is the moment that your goals go out the window and their effectiveness diminishes more and more each day that this is allowed to continue.

What kind of attitude should I bring with me to my first meeting with a personal trainer?

Expect to hate them. You are paying them to put you, your mind and your body through a rigorous plan that is designed to bring you to your optimum health point. This is a goal that you designed and a situation that you sought out of your own accord. You are paying this person to be your own personal devil with a pitchfork in each hand. If you can keep this mindset the entire time, you will reach your goals far faster and with better results than if you attempt to see your trainer as your friend.

Once you can wrap your head around this information, your fitness goals will be so much easier to achieve! Here’s to your future health!

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