WOD CT10.2—a serious challenge

This WOD is for those wanting a serious challenge!

Your first task is 10 minutes for endurance, break the set and none of your reps count. Rest for 4 minutes, and complete another 10-minute task, this time for speed and reps.


Here’s the full workout:

  • 10 minute of clean and jerk with one kettlebell
    Rx 20kg for male, 16kg for female
    Unbroken set, one switch allowed
    Break the set and none of your reps count
  • 4 minutes of rest
  • 10-minute AMRAP
    • 10 Russian swings
      Rx 24kg for male, 16kg for female
    • 2/2 dumbbell snatches
      Rx 15kg for male, 12kg for female
    • 2 deadball over the shoulder
      Rx 40kg for male, 30kg for female


To make it through the full 10 minutes in your first task, you need to learn to pace yourself and know how to properly rack a kettlebell will become extremely important.


No matter your score, no matter your weight, if you completed this workout, post on our Facebook. Got questions about CT10.2? Post in our discussion group. The video on YouTube is here.

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