Kettlebell exercises for wods

Kettlebell Exercises to Include in Your WODs (39 videos, 120+ minutes)

Following is an incredible resource of different kettlebell exercises, and kettlebell combos, that you can include in your WODs, or home workouts. 39 videos of short exercise clips, some longer with more details, over 120+ minutes of footage in total.

Clean and jerk


Hang clean push press

Full snatch

Hang clean and press

Single arm kettlebell swing

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Clean and jerk, into overhead alternating reverse lunge

Gorilla cleans

Squat dead curl

Halo reverse lunge and twist

Press, jerk, and suitcase swings

Half snatch squat thruster

Renegade rows into deadlift

Alternating dead curl and sots press

Open palm clean and press

Dead rows

Alternating sots press

Suitcase swing, goblet squat, and swingl

Single arm dead to racked squat

Kettlebell crush grip push-ups

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Racked squat

Half snatch

Unlock a video with 90+ kettlebell exercises, over 32 minutes of kettlebell awesomeoness.

90+ kettlebell exercises

Unlock a video with over 50+ kettlebell press variations, over 45 minutes of kettlebell pressing covered.

50+ kettlebell press variations

Swing switch and clean

Dead to overhead

Racked deadlifts

Single arm high swing

Squat and frontal raise

Swing clean

Farmer walks


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Overhead walks

Floor chest press

Strict press

Overhead squat

Turkish getup lunge style

Dead snatch squat

Alternating half snatch

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Want more kettlebell exercises? Here is a whole list of all kettlebell exercises. Want to learn how to work with these? Check out our kettlebell fundamentals resource.

Russian swings

Snatch into overhead reverse lunge

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