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Hi, my name is Fredrik Berglund founder and headcoach of True Grit Kettlebell Club Pitea Sweden. I am the inventor of a new and innovative kettlebell product which allows a lot of people to safe money and easily progress to lifting heavier weights, the product is called Kettle Weight.

As a professional lifter/coach I saw the benefits of the 1kg jumps both for my own training and that of my athletes.

In my gym there are lots of kettlebells with 4 kg jumps between, for example 8/12/16/20/24 etc. however, I found that when my kettlebell weight and that of my athletes were progressing, I started to see the need for 1 and 2 kg jumps between kettlebells.

Buying kettlebells can be expensive and become a big investment, so I came up with the idea to manufacture a solution of 1 and 2 kg weight increments that have magnets which are easily attached to the bottom of the kettlebell. To give you a quick example: when you reach 100 reps with 2x16kg long cycle you can attach 1 kg to the 16kg and start progression training with 2×17 kg. Of course this can also be for pressing or any other kettlebell exercise that you’re progressing in.


The slogan says “Garage to Pro”. I am a garage lifter myself, I started training with 2 x 16kg and 2 x 24kg kettlebells. With very little money it wasn’t an option to buy lots of kettlebells and jumping from 16kg to 24kg was not easy. Therefore the Kettle Weight will come to good use, even in the garage. For people who train at home and are just enjoying the great benefits that the Kettlebell offers, Kettle Weight will spare your wallet and give you more options in your training. For example if you have 2 x 16kg and 2 x 24kg, if you buy a set of 2 x 1kg and 2 x 2kg Kettle Weight you will now have 2 x 17kg, 2 x 18kg, 2 x 25kg and 2 x 26kg. That’s equal to buying 8 sets of kettlebells, and you can switch as you please.
The Kettle Weight is manufactured in the North part of Sweden with Swedish steel and magnets attached to them. These magnets are strong but will not endure the violence of slamming them on the floor, so be gentle when you put the bells down.


A little bit more about me, my main training is Long Cycle and my merits are:

  • 2014 swedish nationals silver medal lc 2x24kg
  • 2015 cup of Scandinavia lc 2x32kg silver medal
  • 2015 swedish nationals lc 2x32kg bronze medal
  • 2016 swedish nationals gold medal lc 2x32kg
  • 2016 IGSF world championships Turin bronze medal lc 2×32 kg men pro
  • 2016 IGSF world championships Turin bronze medal Biathlon 2×24 kg amateur

My coach is MSIC Gregor Sobocan from Slovenija. I train around 10 athletes in my local gym, plus online Athletes from around the world, mostly for Long cycle, but also Biathlon and some GPP for people that don’t have competition as their main goal. I also travel around teaching Kettlebell training, kettlebell sport workshops and certifications in the name of True Grit.

If you are interested in purchasing Kettle Weight? You can contact me on facebook



I find Kettle Weight a perfect training tool. If you own Kettlebells with 4kg increment, you need to buy a pair of 1kg and pair of 2kg Kettle weight so you can combine and “fill in the gap”. Kettle Weight are very handy tool, since it is much smoother transition from one weight to another. It is very important, because you can keep same technique, just a little stronger stimulus of CNS. Maybe people see the downside that you have to put Kettlebell down more softly, but I see it as good point.. people must learn to respect the Kettlebell!

~ Gregor Sobocan, Slovenija. MSIC, Mastercoach Ketacademy


The Kettle Weight is pure genius! If you are training at home and/or your gym has limited kettlebells this is the way to go, no more in between size bells are needed. The quality is awesome, solid and when you put them on the bells they are really stuck!

~ Fredrik Norström 3x Swedish Champion Long Cycle


I’ve been using the True Grit Kettle Weight for a couple of months now. I find them really useful and they add an edge to my long cycle training. The magnets stay locked in place during use but are easy to switch on and off for interval work. They are now an essential piece of my GS training kit. I will be ordering more for team SKC.

~ Ben Jones‎  Great Britain Headcoach at Stevenage Kettlebell Club

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