WOD Arnie Version II

Today’s WOD is a modified version of the CrossFit Arnie Hero WOD, the original: 21 Turkish Get-Ups, Right Arm 50 American Kettlebell Swings 21 Overhead Squats, Left Arm 50 American Kettlebell Swings 21 Overhead Squats, Right Arm 50 American Kettlebell Swings 21 Turkish Get-Ups, Left Arm With a single Kettlebell 32kg, 70 pounds, 2 pood. As

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This kettlebell WOD has three tasks, two six minute AMRAP and one 12 round task for time. The first AMRAP is chosen to also warm-up a bit better for what’s to come. The second task is explosiveness, stability, flexibility and strength. The final task is a total cardio blast! Task 1 Single Arm Kettlebell Swings

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One incredible kettlebell WOD consisting of four tasks! The first task is: CrossFit Burpees 4 Min. AMRAP   The second task is a kettlebell combo: Alternating kneeling press 6 Min. AMRAP   The third task is three sets of carefully picked exercises, four reps of each exercise: 4 Gorilla Cleans 4 Front Squats 4 Clean


Filthy Fifty Kettlebell WOD

  FILTHY FIFTY WOD The WOD consists out of the following four tasks, complete all FOR TIME: 50 Overhead Reverse Lunges (alternating) 1=1 50 Kettlebell Crush Push-ups 50 Alternating Hang Cleans L+R = 1 50 Worlds Best Kettlebell Combo The video above also contains some stretching, of course, you should always spend some time on

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Worlds Best Kettlebell Combo

This is by far the worlds best kettlebell combo you’ll come across, it consists of two highly effective exercises, namely the squat thruster and the king of kettlebell exercises the snatch, half snatch to be exact. The combo is performed with two kettlebells. This kettlebell combo is for everyone, crossfitters, kettlebell enthusiasts, bjj practitioners, mma

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Kettlebell Beach Workout

4 pulling and 1 pushing exercise, the hang clean, half snatch, chin-up and pull-up are all pulling exercises. If you want more pulling you can turn the snatch into a hang snatch rather than a swing snatch which is demonstrated in the video. The first two exercises emphasize the traps, upper and middle, the chin-up

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Kettlebell WOD ‘LASSUS’

You know how you get that red faced look, sweating like you just turned the shower on and weak in the knees after a good WOD? Well, now you can experience that 4 times in this awesome kettlebell WOD for Crossfitters, BJJ and MMA fighters, and of course anyone training for GPP (General Physical Preparedness).

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Kettlebell Workout NEMESIS

One workout with specific parts that focus on strength, isometrics, power, flexibility, plyometrics, cardio, and more.   Weight: First two workouts heavy, the third is medium, the fourth and the last is light to medium. Download the free PDF for details.     The workout starts with a full-body warm-up using bodyweight only, really get

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