The Barbell Challenge

Do you want to be challenged? The Olympic barbell is a piece of equipment that you use often in the gym but more than likely in a conventional manner! Do you want to eliminate boredom from it? Try this challenge! Not only the biggest or strongest will prevail on this challenge … but also the …

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Kettlebell snatch workout

Kettlebell Snatch Workout

This is a kettlebell snatch workout, it’s a killer workout! Snatches and runs for three AMRAP and then a FOR TIME task. I programmed adequate rest with a rep scheme that allows you to go all out for the duration of the tasks. The tasks are: 4/4 hang snatch 50m run 6m AMRAP 3 min …

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Killer. Killa. Workout

This kettlebell cardio workout is an absolute killer. If you like the gasping for air workouts, this is it.   You buy-in with 100 calories on the assault bike, 80 for females. Then you proceed with 12 rounds of: 4 snatch into overhead reverse lunge 4 push ups ‘any’ 8 calories on the assault bike …

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The Undaunted Warrior Workout

You'll love this kettlebell workout! You need a Concept2 rower and 2 kettlebells. If you don't have a rower, you can replace the 100 cal rows with 100 kettlebell swings (it's actually easier, so, do 150 if your swing is good).   100 cals on the rower 50 burpee squat dead lifts 50 bent-over rows …

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Overhead Squat Progression

The overhead squat is a full body exercise and extremely difficult, requiring you to use all muscles and joints, and testing your flexibility + stability to the max. The overhead squat is expensive, the overhead squat is something you need to invest a lot of time in, the overhead squat is also dangerous, go ego …

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What defines a sumo squat?

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no, it's a sumo squat! Or perhaps it's not. But how do we know? Squat stances Narrow Neutral Wide Sumo Staggered Etc.   What is Sumo? Sumo in the context of exercise is a stance one takes to perform a squat or hip hinge movement. Forget what …

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CrossFitters Move Forward!?

Time to stop brainlessly following along peeps. I see so many people always commenting negative stuff or trolling when they see something they’ve not seen before, can’t do, or don’t understand. What is CrossFit? CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Straight from the horse’s mouth. If you would be doing this …

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Spartan Warrior for Crossfitters

This is the barbell version of our online kettlebell competition Spartan Warrior. Start in the racked position Start your timer Lower the barbell into a hang Clean immediately Jerk Keep the barbell overhead and arms locked out Perform a reverse lunge Knee touches the ground gently Come back up The barbell should still be overhead …

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Isolating the Triceps—Don’t Push!

Want better results with your tricep push-ups? Read this article and put it to the test, see if those three heads (that we all like to see bulging big) grow.

Fourforty WOD Functional Fitness Workout

Fourforty WOD

This is Fourforty WOD. 3 tasks, 2 AMRAP, and 1 FOR TIME. Complete and post online. A video of the workout can be unlocked further below.   Your First Task 4 squats 4 crossfit burpees 4 dead clean and press left 4 dead clean and press right 8 minutes AMRAP 2 minutes rest   Your …

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