No Shirt No Problem

Always in a state of paranoia during your CrossFit workout, whether to go shirtless or not?

Maybe you’re thinking
“Will Cindy think that I’m macho for going shirtless?”

will Angie think
“that I don’t yet have the manly round and well-defined chest to be flaunting the fruits of my labor?”

will Fran think
“Where does Murph get off going shirtless and flaunting his much bigger man boobs than me?”


Shirt or no shirt?

At this stage you’re looking around in the gym, your brain is going a hundred miles an hour with paranoid thoughts, you’re leaning more towards keeping yourtight_heavy_sweat_drenched_smelly shirt on, you decide not to bite the bullet and avoid the wrath of your fellow athletes.


You continue your workout, but your chest is compressed in that new XS size shirt you bought three sizes too small, the fans are just blowing hot air, air that when ingested no longer feels like it’s providing the oxygen you need, your heart is pounding out of your chest, finally you give in, you tear your shirt off like Novak Djokovic, you’re in HULK mode, now you’re feeling free as a bird, your workout is downhill all the way, and the gym feels like a bed of roses while strutting shirtless. No Shirt No Problem.


There are people who argue that going shirtless is against the majesty and decorum of the gym, we on the other hand encourage people to go shirtless during training, whether you have a great body or a great body in progress, it doesn’t matter, being comfortable in your gym is number 1. It’s a great feeling working out shirtless, I know this from personal experience. Sometimes even I worry a bit, I look around to see who else is in the class “Could they be offended?” but then I bite the bullet and rip it off anyway, my performance immediately improves, I feel free’er, I breathe easier and I feel lighter.



So whether you’re scrawny, weasel-like, buff, fat, or muscly, keep your shirt on (pun intended) and don’t worry about the shirt on or off, just do whatever feels the best for your workout and works best for your performance. Of course, I’m talking about the guys and not the girls, unless they have tops!

But we have a few golden rules our athletes need to adhere to when going shirtless, myself included, always keep a towel handy, and wipe of any excess sweat when the opportunity arises.

Make sure your personal hygiene is spot on, if you’re not sure, just ask someone else, seriously, just freaking do it.

I know from personal experience that people don’t like to be rubbing up against big hairy, sweaty, shirtless dudes, well… not in our club anyway, people don’t want to make physical contact with sweat that does not belong to them, so let’s make sure everyone is happy when going shirtless, keep it clean, wear deodorant, wipe equipment down and be considerate of your fellow athletes at all times.



Your pro shirtless or anti-shirtless comments below. And I’m one step ahead of you “Geesh, you guys are pro no shoes, now also pro no shirt, you might as well pro no shorts too” ha ha.

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