Unconventional GRIT—Heavy Tire Workout

Odd object training doesn’t get more functional than big ass, heavy tires. With 4 movements put together, this circuit is designed to introduce a variety of functional movements and help the new or veteran Caveman understand exercise for power and grit in a more “real world” environment.


Workouts like this are fun to break away from the normal training cycle.


Tools: Tractor or heavy machine tires, sledgehammer (or slamball), or body weight.
Who: Solo or in a group minimum of 2 people- Maximum 4 per tire

The Workout

Relay: 6 fast and aggressive flips adding a burpee between each. The relay is done for distance, approximately 40yds.
Group: One person flips the tire once while the others perform strict burpees until it is their turn to flip the tire.

Burpee jump over or in-between the tire between each flip.

Hand OR feet elevated pushups:  Participants spread equal distance around the tire and perform 10-15 pushups with either their hands or the feet elevated on the tire depending on ability.

Carry: Solo. Standing inside the tire, grip the tire on the inside lip being sure to center hands for appropriate balance. Grip and deadlift to standing, carrying 20 yards or more.

Group: Participants spread equally around the tire to lift it together and carry it for distance, approximately 40yds.

Sledge Hammer OR Slam Ball: x 10 r/l (sledge) OR 10 total Slamball slams.

There can be many changes to this. For example, you can add a lunge variation or upper body pulling variation in place of the burpees. With a group or partner add a 20 rep Tire Battle in after the carry.

Using the sledgehammer, find a spot on the tire to swing powerfully, with good form for 10 reps per side. Some people can’t get used to properly swinging the sledgehammer so we use the slam ball as a modifier and attempt to recreate the upper body power used for the sledgehammer.

Note: No rest between movements. Rest up to 90 seconds between rounds. Entire circuit to be completed a total of 5-10 rounds with adequate coaching or attention to proper/ safe form.


Workout by David Pavkovich
SouLift Fitness 4985 Tuscarawas Rd Beaver, PA 15009
Instagram: @souliftfitness
Facebook: www.facebook.com/souliftfitness
Twitter: @souliftfitness

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