365 Embrace The Suck!

Last day of the year, so it had to be special.

Embrace the suck, deal with it!

This workout is probably insane to most. You gotta be a special type of loco to want to work out at an intense pace for over 60 minutes! Here comes the pain:

Your First Task

  • 3 burpees
  • 6 push-ups ‘any’
  • 5 squat jumps


3 minutes rest.

Your Second Task

  • 100 burpees
  • 100 single arm kettlebell swings
  • 100 squat dead curls
  • 65 full snatches


Your Third And Final Task

  • 100 halo into reverse lunge and twist (alternating reps)
  • 100 single arm kettlebell swings
  • 100 full snatches
  • 65 crossfit burpees


Time cap: 83 minutes in total

Rx weights:

  • 16kg kettlebell for male
  • 12kg kettlebell for female

How to score:

The first AMRAP task, you take 3 + 6 + 5 equals one round, i.e. 14 reps. Count your rounds plus any additional reps you do in incomplete rounds. Divide the total by the time you completed the for time tasks. For example, I did 17 rounds in the AMRAP, my time was 59:53. 17 times 14 = 238 / 59,53 = 4. The highest score wins.

Be a hero, post your results, no matter what they are, below or on our Facebook. Ask your questions in our training discussion group.

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