Kettlebells for Combatives Training

Kettlebells for Combatives Training

In one of our highly popular and active kettlebell training groups on Facebook (11,111+ members) I’ve had my eye on Phil for a while. I gave Phil our kettlebell workout book a while ago, which is a book with beginner to advanced workouts, so it’s for everyone. But, I’ve seen Phil take things way further and get extremely creative by taking kettlebell exercises and creating flows that incorporate rotational and explosive movements, as well as lots of grip/wrist strengthening movements, which have had the most crossover to his combatives training. I’ve been chatting with Phil and trying to get some info out of him so that you guys can get to know him better and I also wanted to make sure I was not promoting a madman or serial killer, he did assure me that he’s not mad. I like his style, so let’s see if we can get some more out of him over a period of time.

Following are some video clips of Phil in action. If you want to see more of Phil give us a “More Phil” shout here.



About Phil

My name is Phil Webley-Parry, 37 years of age and live in the South Wales Valleys in the UK. I’ve been weight training between 12 and 14 years (so not very long in the grand scheme). Originally I started training weights as a way to shift unwanted body fat, but swiftly caught the iron bug!

Previously I trained and competed in the BDFPA (British Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation) for around 4 years, gaining quite a number of Regional (Welsh) and also National (British) Records. Due to injury, there was sadly a need to stop lifting competitively, so subsequently I discovered Kettlebells for recovery. I have now been swinging Kettlebells religiously since 2018, and absolutely love it!

I also have a background in Martial Arts such as; Aikido, Karate, Kickboxing, Krav Maga. Just before discovering kettlebells, while training Krav Maga, I stumbled upon something called “Urban Combatives”. If you don’t know what “UC” is, the founder is Mr. Lee Morrison. It’s a form of personal protection/counter-violence, which is conceptual and principle-based. It’s easy to learn and use, driven by mindset and has proven to work under non-compliant fight stress conditions.

I am a Study Group leader, have gained my level 2, and am working towards my instructor certificate.

The main focus of kettlebell training is geared towards my Combatives and hitting “HARD” while upping my stamina/speed! I use a lot of flow drills, incorporating rotational and explosive movements, as well as lots of grip/wrist strengthening movements, as I feel they have had the most crossover to my Combatives training.

In a search for inspiration, new movements to add to flows, etc., a close friend introduced me to Cavemantraining. He said it would fit right in with how I train. Being as we say UC skill sets are gross motor “CAVEMAN” movements, so it’s super functional!


Facebook: UC Wales – Dragon Combatives
Instagram: ucwales_dragoncombatives
Kettlebell workout book: Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges 1.0

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