Kettlebell Rotational Exercises for the Core

In this video, I perform several kettlebell rotational exercises for the core. I’ll also increase the challenge of stability by bringing the feet closer together which will require even more core work.

The Devils Press CrossFit HOW TO

How to perform the Devil’s Press: Let the dumbbells hang next to the body Hip hinge Lower the weights to the ground (preferably inline with shoulders) Lower the body to the ground Perform a semi-explosive triceps push-up Follow through and kick the legs in (underneath) Contract the gluteus maximus for a static hip hinge Firm …

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incorrect squat technique

Squat Mistakes to Avoid

Understand what could be your biggest squat mistake that’s stopping you from progression. Learn how to fix the mistake and progress with your bodyweight squat. Progress to doing weighted squats with the barbell or even overhead. Watch the video above and I guarantee you that a whole new world opens up for your technique and …

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Kettlebell bruising forearms — how to fix it?

Kettlebells For BJJ

When it comes to supplementing your BJJ with something else there is nothing better as kettlebells for BJJ if you ask me. Yoga is also great for BJJ, but if you want it all, cardio, flexibility, mobility, strength, endurance, well, then it’s definitely kettlebells for BJJ, no doubt about it. Crossfit is also great for BJJ, …

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Overhead Squat Progression

The overhead squat is a full body exercise and extremely difficult, requiring you to use all muscles and joints, and testing your flexibility + stability to the max. The overhead squat is expensive, the overhead squat is something you need to invest a lot of time in, the overhead squat is also dangerous, go ego …

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How to Do Burpees for Beginners

Don’t Do Another Burpee EVER AGAIN … until you know how to execute them correctly!   In this article, I’ll cover: How to assess yourself or your clients for burpees Burpee instructions How to progress Burpee variations Common burpee mistakes And most importantly—how to correctly perform a burpee and avoid injury Without further ado…   …

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