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The lunge mechanics broken down in layman’s terms. Avoid knee pain.

The answer to why and when to choose the reverse lunge over the forward lunge. Understand how to create hundreds of lunge variations yourself. Learn how to fix and pick up on common issues with the lunge.

“The lunge is functional as it is a transitory moment in walking where a squat with feet parallel is stationary. This adds a requirement for balance under load with motion, a situation where injuries and falls often occur. The lunge improves our human movement patterns by making them stronger in a practical sense.” Dave Murray

The lunge is an important exercise everyone should include in their training for strength, stability, and even added flexibility. This book covers the basic lunge and its variations, muscles used, step by step break down, priceless tips that will help you perform better, know why to chose one over the other, and much more.

Links to several videos of lunges with kettlebells are also included.

“Following my knee replacement, the lunge is the hardest but most important movement to master as it utilizes all of the stabilizing muscles and tendons. The lunge also means that I will have a powerful base for nearly all judo moves and stances. Mastery of the lunge means that I’ll have functional movement for the rest of my life.” Stuart Rotman


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“The lunge is important for strong muscles of the buttocks, we stretch the hip flexors and exercise the balance of the body.” Vjekoslava Petroci Fićković


Table of Contents

  • Master The Lunge
  • Definitions and Terminology
  • Muscles
    • Bodyweight Lunge
    • Quadriceps AKA Quads
    • Gluteus Maximus
    • Hamstrings
    • Stabilizers
  • Weighted Lunge Stabilizers
  • What Is Pelvic Tilt and Why Is It Important to Know?
  • Basic Lunge
  • Main Points
  • Trainer Cues
  • Improved Posture
  • Forward Flexion
  • Load the Quadriceps
  • Recommended Footwear
  • Where to Put Your Hands and Does It Really Matter?
  • Lunge Depth
  • Rear Leg
  • Sliding Rear Leg
  • Programming
    • For Strength
    • For Cardio
    • For Explosiveness
    • For Power
    • For Stability
    • For Flexibility
  • Major Benefits
  • Black and White Programming
  • Progression
  • Issues
    • Lower-back Pain
    • Knee Pain
    • Losing Balance
  • How to Do the Weighted Racked Reverse Lunge
  • Some People Ask “Why Are Reverse Lunges More Taxing?”
  • Bad Lunge
  • Progression
  • Become Certified

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  1. Jean-Robert Rioux (verified owner)

    Really nice book ! Well explained and very detailed 🙂 Straitgh foward explanation and worth the time reading it. If you want to learn some new easy tricks with your ”basic” lunge exercises, go ahead !

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  2. Vjekoslava Fićković (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    I was surprised with the ease of writing. The author goes into the details of matter so that the flattery that has never met the expert names of the body anatomy clearly understands what the text is.

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