TOP 5 Banging Songs to WOD Too

There is nothing better than a good workout that goes paired with a good playlist, your WOD maybe written in gold and served on a silver platter, but if your playlist is shit, it ain’t happening, the two go hand in hand.

Proper programming and choosing your playlist is an art, there is no doubt about it, you have to think about your warm-up music, you don’t want to start too fast, but not too slow either where you just kill everyone’s buzz and put them to sleep, you have to work it up and save the best for the high intensity part of the WOD.

In the cool-down you don’t want to be blearing down everyones ears with heavy metal, so make sure you get that part right too.

There are some awesome songs out there like Radiohead with Creep, but they have some slow parts in it which unfortunately make it a bad choice to include in a high intensity WOD, another such example is Five Finger Death Punch with House Of The Rising Sun, it definitely would have made the list, had it not had been for the cinematic bits.



I had a few awkward moments in my gyms where I programmed some awesome songs too hasty and forget about the lyrics which included some C & N words, I’m not prudish and enjoy a little SHIT and FUCK thrown in at the right times, but sometimes you might have the wrong crowd, and when you do, you just get that sinking feeling, turn it off, press next, turn it down or bite the bullet? Ever had that? And sometimes it’s just too much, there is a fine line between using the words for re-enforcing a statement and vulgarity, sometimes they take it too far. So, make sure you know the lyrics of what you program.

With all that said, lets start listing some of my personal favourites.


Number fiveNumber five, I’m not a fan of Justin Bieber, he comes across as a spoiled brat with no respect —yes I’m judging a book and understand he’s a victim to fame—, and I’m also no fan of Slipknot, which is just a tad too much for me, but throw the two in a song, mash ‘m up and you have one of my favourites, I just totally dig this song, it gets me pumped to the max. Slipknot Feat. Justin Bieber – Psychosocial Baby Remix


They’ve done another similar mashup with Linkin Park, not as effective IMHO.


Sharing number five, and only just making the cut as I could not make up my mind, I was contemplating on this one as it has some slow bits in it, but I figured, play it loud enough enough and no one will notice. Twenty One Pilots have done such a great job with their song ‘Ride‘, it’s such a unique mixture of hip hop, rock and pop. You should check out their channel.


Number fourNumber four is tops as long as we cut the first 30 secs out, it’s Imagine Dragons with ‘Radioactive‘ a powerful song which makes you want to thump along, great to lift some heavy weights too and awesome to smack ‘m down on.

Number threeNumber three is a classic but gets everyone pumping, it’s Nirvana with Smells Like Teen Spirit, once it starts, it keeps building and keeps you going, pushing to get the best out of you.


Number twoNumber two is by Avenged Sevenfold, no need to say much, just press play and be blown away by ‘Hail To The King‘.


Number oneNumber one on my list is System Of A Down with Toxicity, it has a bit of a slow start for the first minute, but it builds up and makes up for the slow start with a big bang! If you’re not feeling the adrenaline when hearing this song, then you need to check yourself.


Not a WOD song, but I like this for some mobility work

there is also a remix which is a bit more suited to WOD

Check out my personal playlist which I use for warm-up, mobility, workout and cool-down, post your thoughts below or here on this facebook post.

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