Kettlebell Grips

When you’re used to training with the barbell, the grip is pretty plain, at most it is a variation of 2 to 3 common grips, with the kettlebell there are over 25+ different grips that can be employed.

They can be categorised as:

  • Pressing grips
  • Racking grips
  • Lifting grips
  • Ballistic grips
  • Juggling grips

During kettlebell training, you employ different grips to make certain exercises more efficient, but you also change grips to increase difficulty and challenge other muscle groups. Sometimes when your training gets stale you might even employ a different grip to entertain the mind.

One of the most important grips to learn and transition into is the hook grip, note, this is not the same as the barbell hook grip. Cavemantraining has released a free PDF which has all kettlebell grips listed with more information. Download it for free.

  • Double Hand Grip
  • Swan Grip
  • OK Grip (AKA 2 or 3 Finger Grip)
  • Corkscrew Grip
  • Closed Double Hand Grip
  • Hook Grip (AKA Overhand Grip)
  • Closed Hook Grip (AKA C grip)
  • Racking Grip
  • Racking Safety Grip
  • Flat Hand Grip
  • Pinch Grip
  • Farmer Grip
  • Bottoms Up Grip
  • Horn Grip
  • Horn Grip Upside Down
  • Corner Grip
  • Open Hand Horn Grip
  • Loose Grip
  • Interlocking Grip
  • Stacking Grip
  • Open Palm Grip
  • Waiters Grip
  • Goblet Grip
  • Crush Grip
  • Thumb Grip (AKA Noob Grip)

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