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Kettlebell TERRAFLOW

Kettlebell TERRAFLOW

The Kettlebell TERRAFLOW is a kettlebell flow designed by Cavemantraining and consists of the following kettlebell exercises: Swingclean (kettlebell clean) Lateral clean (kettlebell clean) Single-arm hip hinge swing (kettlebell swing) Bottoms-up horn grip clean (kettlebell clean) Slasher Perform on both sides, switch sides by coming to the front after you perform the slasher, and drop […]

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Kettlebell Warrior Flow

Kettlebell Warrior Flow

The Cavemantraining Kettlebell Warrior Flow is as follows: Dead swingclean Single-arm hip hinge swing Open palm clean Waiters clean Dead snatch Return to dead Repeat on the other side   Before you can flow you need to learn the fundamentals of kettlebell training. Before you can flow you need to learn to kettlebell swing, clean,

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Kettlebell Strength Complex

The Asgard Kettlebell Strength Complex

This is the Asgard Kettlebell Strength Complex designed by Cavemantraining. This awesome strength complex is performed with two kettlebells and consists of: Squat Dead curl Rack Stand up Press Rack Drop Bent-over row Dead Renegade rows Deadlift There is also an alternative version working with one kettlebell for some of the exercises. This complex requires

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Kettlebell Flow

The Atlanta Kettlebell Flow

The Atlanta kettlebell flow was designed in the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Midtown Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Split stance row Clean Front press Negative side press Hang clean switch Repeat on the other side Kettlebell flows require a good command of the kettlebell fundamentals, clean, snatch, and other kettlebell exercises. Become a certified Kettlebell Flow Trainer

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The Double Kettlebell Half Snatch

The Double Kettlebell Snatch, the Manliest Kettlebell Exercise in Existence.

The double kettlebell snatch, the manliest kettlebell exercise in existence. “Nothing looks more Badass than double bell training.” Shaun Keys Learn how to perform this powerful move and turn fat into rock hard abs. Make gains fast with this super explosive movement. For the price of a beer, you get a detailed PDF with breakdowns

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Kettlebell Turkish getup

Turkish Getup

The Turkish getup is a full-body exercise that can be performed lunge or squat style. Following is part of the detailed broken down description. You can get the full details in the Kettlebell Exercise Encyclopedia here. Roll onto the side where the kettlebell is, insert the hand with a good grip, place the non-working hand

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Training for kettlebell sport

Training for Kettlebell Sport

This workout is designed to improve your performance in kettlebell sport. If you don’t know about kettlebell sport yet, it’s basically a CrossFit Comp with kettlebells, but the focus is on endurance and high reps with a limited choice of exercises. I’ll dive straight into the workout performed in the video above.   4 rounds

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Kettlebell Workout RAMPAGE

Kettlebell Workout RAMPAGE

This workout will destroy you, only to build you up. It ticks all the right boxes, explosive, high intensity, grind, strength, endurance, etc.   10 minutes AMQRAP of: 4 kettlebell dead snatches 1 reverse TGU Followed by: 10/10 TGU 100 half snatches   The full workout takes anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to complete

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