How to swing a kettlebell correctly?

How to Swing a Kettlebell Correctly?

To answer the question "How to Swing a Kettlebell Correctly?" one first needs to ask "What are your goals?". Without knowing the reason(s) to swing there are literally hundreds of ways that could be correct. So, let's start by listing some of the goals: Overall strength Generic fitness Muscular endurance Cardiovascular endurance Flexibility Better kettlebell snatch

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Reasons Why New Year Fitness Resolutions Fail

Have you noticed that your gym’s been ridiculously crowded since New Year’s Day? But come February, don’t be surprised if everything goes back to normal. The truth is, those New Year fitness resolutions just don’t last very long, and by February, a big chunk of new members will have dropped out. Perhaps you’ve even experienced this yourself! Have you ever wondered why New Year fitness resolutions fail?

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Three Tips for Ripped Abs

A tight and flat mid-section, preferably with a visible six-pack, is the Holy Grail for almost every gym-goer. If we had a dollar for every client who asked us how they could get ripped abs, we’d be gazillionaires by now. But here’s a little secret you may not know…

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4 in 1 Kettlebell Workout—kettlebell workout full body

This workout was designed to incorporate aerobic, anaerobic, strength, and flexibility in one, to demonstrate the effectiveness of the kettlebell and our Cavemantraining kettlebell workouts. This kettlebell workout is a full body workout that has four tasks: 4 minutes of alternating kettlebell swings AMRAP 2 minutes rest 4 minutes of kettlebell strict press AMRAP (switch

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RKC Monster Workout

This is a monster workout involving rowing, kettlebells, and calisthenics. The tasks are as follows. Task 1 100 calorie rows or a 1.5k run FOR TIME Task 2 Kettlebell combo: Dead clean Dead snatch Swing snatch Overhead reverse lunge 8 minutes AMRAP Rx 24kg for men and 20kg for females Task 3 4 x push-ups ‘any’

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The Grinding Warrior Workout

This workout is all to be performed slow and grinding. 2 rounds with one kettlebell and the last two rounds with two kettlebells. Beginners should perform the workout without weight.   The video includes a warm-up, no special effects or titles, just the warm-up and workout. You could use it to work out at the

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