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Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges 1

62 reviews


Look no further if you’re after some of the best and most original kettlebell workouts around because this is the book you need. More than 40 kettlebell workouts and several kettlebell challenges to complete. All 100% original. The book comes with step-by-step instructions, plenty of photos, and links to videos of the workouts so you can see exactly how to perform the workout. The workouts vary from cardio, strength, mobility, to endurance.

More details about the book and reviews further below.

This workout book is for at-home kettlebell enthusiasts, MMA and BJJ fighters, and crossfitters that use their open box time for kettlebell WODs. This book is even for budding trainers who want to know more about the Cavemantraining programs and learn the basics of how to run them.


40+ serious kettlebell workouts, 4 kettlebell challenges,
many paired with very detailed videos.



  • Beginners to advanced kettlebell workouts.
  • How to score AMRAP workouts.
  • Finer details on many of the exercises.
  • Quality emphasis on warming-up and mobility.
  • Full details of the popular Thorax Workout are included in this book.
  • Additional ideas on how to make your WODs even more popular and exciting.
  • Additional little tips and information for personal trainers.

Each workout is 100% kettlebells, combined with bodyweight, or other equipment. Some kettlebell workouts will have alternatives or progressions.


“These are not shoddy quick workouts put together for a book. I’ve performed each and every workout listed in this book, and so have hundreds of others.”
—Taco Fleur



  1. Information for trainers on how to run your own Caveman Circuit, and Boot Camp.
  2. Downloadable workout PDF that can be printed and taken to the gym.
  3. Downloadable kettlebell grip PDF that will improve your kettlebell training instantly.
  4. Downloadable PDF that will improve your racking for resting and endurance.
  5. Kettlebell guide for beginners.


Explained in the book is also how you can make each and every one of the workouts work for you, no matter what level they are.



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62 reviews for Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges 1

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  1. Christopher Carrington (Verified Customer)

    After reading Kettlebell fundamentals, Taco has revolutionised my training programmes. The workouts are explained, tagged cardio/endurance/strength (which helps when planning my phases etc) and some have a video for guidance which is great when diving into this area for first time. The gym printouts are really handy too. I am officially converted to Kettlebell Training!

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    • Taco Fleur (store manager)

      Thanks Chris, I’m glad to hear that the workouts have played a big part in you enjoying kettlebell training and seeing results.

  2. Ryan C. (Verified Customer)

    Brilliant book with loads of information relevant to the mastery of Kettle bell training. having trained with kettle bells for a number of years I found that the WOD’s are a total change of pace to what I am used to however it great pushing myself with the workouts to consistently challenge my fitness (or lack of).

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  3. Jason (Verified Customer)


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  4. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Great content bundle. Will hope me have daily workouts to go to and also provides me with tips when I help train my wife.

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  5. Christopher Carrington (Verified Customer)

    I find the routines and structures of the workouts and challenges very clear and effective and they have upped my regular training routine! Highly recommend

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  6. Thomas Connarty (Verified Customer)

    Great book, very informative with plenty of workouts and challenges to keep you
    Entertained for a while

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  7. Mario (Verified Customer)

    Comprehensive ebook

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  8. STATHIS BASTAS (Verified Customer)

    really helpful

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  9. Christian Meeker (Verified Customer)

    Absolutely amazing. I’m feeling stronger than ever at 51 years old.

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  10. Robert Douglas (Verified Customer)

    Absolutely the most creative, fun, and extremely challenging kettlebell workouts I have ever tried. Been using bells for around 15 + years and am so thrilled to finally have discovered Taco Fleur. I wish I would have found Cavemantraining many years ago. Focus on great technique and movement is appreciated. I will get my money’s worth of this book for sure. Can’t wait to use it after work today!

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  11. Emma B. (Verified Customer)

    So very informative, loads of really good workouts, explained thoroughly

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  12. Tom (Verified Customer)


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  13. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Love the content and links to videos

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  14. Stephen (Verified Customer)

    Caveman training has done a excellent job putting this together,it goes into so much detail and they are a lot of workouts to do.This should keep me going for a few years

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  15. Tim Venn (Verified Customer)

    I have been training for more than 30 years; circuit training, swimming, CrossFit, HIIT etc, I can honestly say that Caveman training has been the most varied/interesting and delivered the best overall results of everything. This book has excellent content. I highly recommend the Thorax Mobility Workout in both workout books. I have noticed a real improvement in my flexibility. I would actually score the book 4.5 because the layout is a bit sloppy. I have been in conversation with Taco about this because it doesn’t represent his professional and clear communication style. He did not have control over the printing and it is only a very small point.

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  16. Randy-James Williams (Verified Customer)

    Currently working through all the workouts. Love it and also appreciate that a lot of the workouts have videos on youtube I can use to reference. My only issue is the printable version is still super long with the page breaks and the caveman training logo taking up many pages of the document leaving a lot of white space. I understand I can cut those out but maybe for the future printable version, place the logo on the top corner or something of every page instead of placing it on its own page. For now, if anyone decides to print the current printable version, select black and white.

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  17. Jordan (Verified Customer)

    A great resource for everyday and every type of workout/challenge.

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  18. Christof (Verified Customer)

    Good workouts , well explained

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  19. Michael Boyd (Verified Customer)

    Literally a life time of material provided.

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  20. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    This has everything to be a true girevoy!

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  21. Jamie M. (Verified Customer)

    Very happy with this ebook. It has an abundance of workouts that vary from beginner to advance. From strength trainng to cardio work there are training schedules to suit all abilities and requirements. With detailed explanations on how to complete each workout this book should keep me busy for sometime. Great work Taco!

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  22. Tobias O. (Verified Customer)

    I love KB training for it’s versatility. I especially need to focus on mobility and strength/endurance (instead of just max strength). The workouts in this book give me a great framework to workout to.

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  23. Joseph Watts (Verified Customer)

    I haven’t finished reading it yet, but so far I am not disappointed in any way.

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  24. Les W. (Verified Customer)

    Lot of content. Good to have video links per exercise, to see how it’s done.

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  25. Luis Gallego (Verified Customer)

    Excelente para complementar tu entrenamiento si haces CrossFit, tanto para aumentar tu rendimiento como para prevenir lesiones.

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  26. Robert robinson (Verified Customer)

    I’m happy with the ebook. The time and effort put into this book makes my life easier, I no longer need to research for workouts and challenges

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  27. Albert Reyes (Verified Customer)

    I started KB training just watching Taco Fleur on you tube and never looked back since. I ordered the digital version of the workouts and challenges 1.0 to learn a lot more from him. I know I am getting a wealth of information to keep me motivated and learning never stops. At the end of the day the only challenge I am up against is the one I see in the mirror. Thanks Taco.

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    • Taco Fleur (store manager)

      Thanks Albert, much appreciated.

  28. Tisson Robby (Verified Customer)

    Love to do the workouts. ?

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  29. MarkB (Verified Customer)

    Excellent content which inspires your kettlebell training to the next level.
    Only feedback is that the book could use some form of index classified to time and/or weight in order to easily pick your workout as some day’s you feel you can go heavy, and on other day’s you have a limited time frame. As a solution I personally put it into an Excel sheet to filter. The short printable version with the routine only, comes in handy to take it with you to gym. Keep up the good work !

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  30. Ruggiero (Verified Customer)


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  31. Darin Rice (Verified Customer)

    Great product. Really look forward to this new chapter in staying fit and mobile.

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  32. Joe Kinnerk (Verified Customer)

    Great read and resource, well done

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  33. Ian Small (Verified Customer)

    I’ve been reading this on my phone at work overnights, for the last 2 weeks. I haven’t seriously worked out since HS football 20 years ago and have another 100 to lose on top of already 70 from clean eating.
    Im excited at the years of benefits that this book will give me as I am adding years to my life!
    Taco is dedicated to teaching proper form and technique and is crystal clear on the pages of this book and the linked videos. And ypu may not know it, bit he’s a funny guy.
    After 2 weeks, i went to the state forest for my 7am post work swing session with my new #40 competition steel, and found myself pulling textbook hanging cleans, great alternating swing cleans, among others for an awesome 25 minutes. I’m feeling solid and look forward to the day I can send in my video!
    My only regret is I do not social media and am missing out on a wealth of information and community with other cavemen.
    Thank you Taco!

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    • Taco Fleur (store manager)

      Hi Ian, thanks for your review. Glad you’re enjoying the information. I think you might be the first one that gets my dry humor, or attempt at it 🙂

  34. John Rufe (Verified Customer)

    This is an outstanding product. It’s loaded w/ detailed, quality content including kb workouts from beginner to advanced. If you’re into kb training, you need to have this w.o. manual.

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    • Taco Fleur (store manager)

      Thanks John

  35. Ruggiero (Verified Customer)

    Great Book! Super great Workouts

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  36. Wilco D. (Verified Customer)

    awesome workouts , good info

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  37. Kristian Cunningham (Verified Customer)

    Had this for 1 week and have already done 4 WODs. It is SUPER DOPE!!!!

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  38. Benoit Brissette (Verified Customer)

    Very good book

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  39. Andrew G. (Verified Customer)

    Bored of your routine? Well then you haven’t been reading THIS book! A true wealth of workouts and workout ideas for any activity. I alpine climb, endurance race, and box and I was astounded that this one book had sequences that will benefit each of my interest areas. Thank you for putting this together, coding it for easy reference, and including links for demo! Well done!

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    • Taco Fleur (store manager)

      Thanks Andrew! Those are some awesome activities btw.

  40. Matthew Howson (Verified Customer)

    Having been disappointed before when buying fitness books I was more that a little sceptical before buying this one.

    I was looking for something to complement my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training without being too high impact to keep me off the mats.

    Firstly I was impressed by the professional lay out and pictures, everything was very clear and easy to follow. Secondly the sheer range of workouts was astounding, there is something for everyone here.

    Thirdly, every workout had a working link to a video that explained everything, the attention to detail here was greatly appreciated.

    I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a comprehensive resource that will add a lot of variety for their training.

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  41. Bob DuBien (Verified Customer)

    I found the “Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges” training manual to be a comprehensive approach to instructing not only a kettlebell enthusiast, but also those who want to learn more about programming workouts geared towards at home training. I’ve been training with kettlebells with a “Cross Fit” flair for years and still found plenty to grasp and learn from the manual. I appreciate the video external links in the manual that show a workout by doing it. This manual is a living document that one may learn from for years to come. ~ Bob DuBien

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  42. clubber122 (Verified Customer)

    Taco has put together a very well thought out and informitive book. It’s very detailed but easy to follow, with links provided for everything, from social media groups to video exercise examples and it doesn’t fry your brain, or put you to sleep! I can’t wait to start this workout and reap the benefits to my jiu-jitsu game and overall health!

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  43. byronejohnson (Verified Customer)

    I discovered Kettlebell training about 4 years ago, and it came at just the right time because I had to stop running due to a number of lower leg injuries. During that layoff, I had put on a lot of weight because I was in denial about being able to run, and hadn’t found anything to replace that activity.

    I bought my first pair of kettlebells, and I was hooked.

    Since my first set, I’ve added bells and come across a variety of training resources.

    I haven’t had a much fun workout out with Kettlebells as I have with Taco Fleur’s Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges 1.0

    Incorporating KB training for use with Mixed Martial arts makes these workouts fun – I’m no MMA practioner, but I’m giving serious thought to changing that status after experiencing Taco’s training system.

    The instructions are easy to understand, and the level of detail that goes into explaining all elements of lifts and movements is incredible; I mean, I’ve yet to have access to training materials that break down thumb positioning. THUMB POSITIONING!

    Finally, as a comic book fan, I geeked out over the names of some of the workouts.

    All in all, this has been a great resource, and well worth the investment. Keep it up Taco. I’m a fan for life!

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  44. Sit Lee Cheah (Verified Customer)

    Thank you Taco for creating this book.
    Excellent kettlebell resouces for all skill level.

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  45. eric hix (Verified Customer)

    A bit about me; I am a life long martial artist and a brand spanking new AARP member. I’m currently studying BJJ and am enjoying it. I’ve worked with kettlebells in the past, but not seriously. I mostly focus on body-weight workouts to augment the workout I get from BJJ.

    I started off with the, “Kettlebell Training Fundamentals” book and enjoyed it. I knew enough about kettlebell workouts to be dangerous to myself. After reading the book, I’m in a much better place. Taco covers a wide range of excercises, how to size your kettlebells, various grips (hint – there’s a bunch), terms you should be familiar with, and how to keep from injuring yourself. Taco’s writing style is straight forward and easy to read. There are a handful of diagrams on how to position your body for racking the kettlebells. I’d love to see more of these on the mechanics of the exercises. There are also plenty of pictures and links to videos so you can see if you are performing the techniques correctly. Overall the Fundamentals book is a great effort. To get the most out of it, you’ll need to read it while you have internet access.

    Next up, I read “Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges 1.0”. There are so many workout plans in here that you’ll be hard pressed to pick the right one for your goals. There are plenty of pictures and video links so you are sure to get your form correct. Taco talks a good bit about avoiding injury, so be sure to pay attention. Pay attention to the warmup routines as they are very thorough. I tried out the warmups and a beginner workout and was impressed. I look forward to progressing up through the workouts.

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  46. scotmck01 (Verified Customer)

    First some background. Started crossfit many years ago. I used kettlebells extensively during that. Then switched to powerlifting and still continued to use them for conditioning. Eventually had some nagging injuries and quit it all.
    Almost 2 years ago I started BJJ and within 8 months tore my distal bicep tendon. Since that time I am back on the mat and doing light weights and kettlebells to help rehab and conditioning.

    83 page workouts and challenges-
    Very thorough with the set up regarding level, weight, number of bells needed, type of workout and duration. The challenges look fun and interesting. Great that there are places to enter your times, weights etc. Good use of bodyweight and other exercises as well.
    302 page workouts and challenges
    I bet I should have read this first for nomenclature and explanations. Excellent detail on exercises with a kb. Outstanding that there are hotlinks to other items. Great detail on definitions, symbols, etc. There is an App!! Tons of workouts! I will never get bored. Links to more things such as videos of moves which is great as well. More awesome explanation of exercises and even charts of muscles to be worked. Very impressed with this and could take a year to go through it when I get in good enough shape. I did notice a link to more basic routines as well.

    Kettlebell Fundamentals
    Again, excellent. Very detailed guide to everything, I think this should actually be the first to be read. Also, it includes fixes for possible pain and incorrect form.

    To sum it up, I have a lot more reading to do and look forward to it. I can see this as a totally standalone program or to supplement my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and make me better at it. I am very pleasantly surprised at the detail and format. There are great guides, instructions and photos. This is worth every penny. I really did not know how much I did not know about kettlebell training

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  47. philipp.giese (Verified Customer)

    How do i structure a Kettlebell workout? Of course people could go “simple and sinister”, do the RKC use similar workout protocols but a Kettlebell aficionado needs some variety in his training. This is where Taco Fleurs new book comes in. Taco Fleur is the founder of Cavemantraining and already wrote several Books about Kettlebell training where he focused on the Kettlebell fundamentals. “Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges 1.0” accompanies this foundational work presented in the other books by providing a huge list of workouts.

    First, Warmups and Mobility exercises are presented, followed by Kettlebell Challenges. The workouts are described well and concise so that you can start off pretty fast after reading about a workout. What I personally like about Kettlebell Challenges, especially the presented HULK test, are a really funny way to progress in Kettlebell training. While I am still far from smashing Hulk it is a great goal to work towards to. That is another good thing about the book: Beside the large list of inspirational and motivational workouts it provides some guidelines on how to score workouts, especially AMRAP workouts. This is important: Measuring/Scoring is the key to progress. While adding weight/using heavier Kettlebells is one feasible way it oftentimes is quite difficult to switch from one smaller Kettlebell to a heavier one. Whoever experienced the new workload when eg switching from a one pood (16kg) to 1,5 pood (24) for the turkish getup. Oftentimes a good preparation before changing the Kettlebell size is to do an exercise faster or more often. In that sense the guidelines regarding how to score your workouts are pivotal for measuring your success and to improve.

    Two things I have to point out as possible areas of improvement though: First of all the internal structure of the chapter “Kettlebell Workouts” could be better; it would be better if simple workouts would be found before the heavier ones. Another thing is that while I really appreciate the good photo quality sometimes there are too many photos in a row. Since the author uses all the benefits an ebook has and links to explanatory videos on youtube it would be better to decrease the number of photos in favor of more youtube links.

    Other than that it is a great inspiration and motivation for doing some Kettlebell training!

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  48. Josh Griffin (Verified Customer)

    These books give practical in depth informed information and instruction 

    for using kettle bells in conjunction with bjj. This has been especially useful to me after having a long lay off due to knee surgery.

    highly recommended and regularly used 

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  49. Megan (Verified Customer)

    For a mostly new person to kettlebell training I was excited to purchase this book. I have dabbled with other online trainers before. The monthly subscriptions normally put you off.
    The workouts in this book are definitely affordable, exciting and Taco explains everything to you so you don’t have to worry about anything but getting it done.
    Easy layout to follow and you always have the Facebook page to follow/challenge yourself against other lifters following Taco’s workouts.
    Highly recommend for newbies. Thanks Taco for sharing your knowledge.

    (1) (1)
  50. Ashley Eusden (Verified Customer)

    Very informative, well explained and a great exercise resource. I especially like the BJJ-specific workouts.

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  51. Robert DuBien (Verified Customer)

    I found the training manual to be very encompassing. It introduces the approach of Caveman training very well and provides challenging workouts for both the beginner and seasoned athlete to include a comprehensive explanation of kettle bell training. The manual is a great roadmap for one’s fitness quest.

    (0) (1)
  52. Chris (Verified Customer)

    As a grappler who trains regularly I was looking for something that would specifically benefit BJJ. I’ve used kettlebells as components of workouts for years so was aware of how effective they are. This book contains a huge amount of information alongside the workouts themselves, and has many functional kettlebell movements I hadn’t seen before. The workouts are varied and challenging depending on your level of fitness and the time you have available, so if you’re looking to get into kettlebells or just add to your existing knowledge this is a great book for you.

    (0) (2)
  53. Stefan S. (Verified Customer)

    This a well written book detailing various kettlebell routines suitable to do at home with minimum equipment requirements. The book starts with explaining the terminology used as well the various symbols used to indicate phases of the workouts. Each workout has a link to a You Tube video showing the execution of the workout moves. I practice BJJ so I was very interested in the posted BJJ work out of the day (WOD). It is very dynamic with a lot of movement and is targeted towards working multiple muscle groups simultaneously. I found that routine to be more dynamic than a typical kettlebell circuit. I like the book and would recommend to anyone that is looking for a collection of full workouts that work well and are explained in great detail.

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