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  • Sale! Kettlebell Split program

    Kettlebell 4-Day Split Strength Program

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    The Prometheus Phase II Program is a 3-day, 4-day, or 6-day, 12-week split program that works your full body. A 12-week fixed kettlebell routine with measurable strength progression.

  • Kettlebell Workout Routines Bundle

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    Buy 5 super effective kettlebell workouts bundled in one at a reduced price. Kettlebell routines with all the information you need to understand the exercises, perform alternatives, progress, and avoid common mistakes. Best of all, you can press play and work out along with the workout.

  • Sale! Beginner At-home Workout

    Beginner Kettlebell Workout Bundle

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    This is the perfect workout bundle for any beginner with one or no kettlebells to start with and includes the following products. Please visit this page for premium options of this bundle. 

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