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Are you new to kettlebell training and not sure how to start kettlebell training or which product is right for you? Click the link.

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68 reviews for Free Kettlebell Strength Program PDF

Based on 68 reviews
  1. Christopher Carrington (Verified Customer)

    Cracking programme, really built up my strength during my off season.

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  2. dave mathias (Verified Customer)

    Great Program

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  3. George Karanasios (Verified Customer)


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  4. Per Hedberg (Verified Customer)

    The information was well presented, informative and inspiring to read.

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  5. John W. (Verified Customer)

    I am currently following this routine. After just 2 weeks I can perform the routine with a heavier bell.

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  6. Christopher Carrington (Verified Customer)

    Lost a bit of strength when was off sick for couple of weeks, so I came back with this workout! Loved it and strength soon returned!

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  7. Michael Cash (Verified Customer)

    Good to help build strength.

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  8. Nella Sofia Gasparini (Verified Customer)


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  9. Gabriele Lasi (Verified Customer)

    I train strenght with the BIG FOUR so I am curious to have a look at the Prometheus!

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  10. Mario (Verified Customer)


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  11. Jan Opalach (Verified Customer)


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  12. Brian Stapleton (Verified Customer)

    there is so much to learn from these pdf books even for enthusiasts who think they know it all

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  13. Elma P. (Verified Customer)

    Tough workout but worth it. I’m amazed that this information is free! Thank you so much!

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  14. Michal C. (Verified Customer)

    Very good quality

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  15. Vanni De Biase (Verified Customer)

    Another great Taco’s workout..simple(not Easy)but so effective.. once you have It,you can’t avoid doing It!

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  16. Christian Meeker (Verified Customer)


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  17. Robert D. (Verified Customer)

    I appreciate this free resource. Looks great. Looking forward to trying it out.

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  18. Shantanu Sapru (Verified Customer)

    An excellent programme! Well-designed, well-structured, with clear instructions, and allows for progressive overload, as well as can be modified for an athlete of any level.

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  19. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Well thought of program.

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  20. Carlos Gabriel (Verified Customer)


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  21. Vikas (Verified Customer)

    Have not received this PDF, so can’t say much about this. Can you please tell me where to access this? I have signed up for the course on Udemy and also accessed other free files from your website. Thanks.

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    • Taco Fleur (store manager)

      Hello Vikas, this is not technical support. Leaving a review about an issue (that is on your side) is not a good practice, nor very nice for the business that is offering you free stuff. The download is clearly presented to you upon the confirmation screen and also sent to you via email.

  22. wayne crawford (Verified Customer)

    Brilliant program

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  23. Rahat Ahsan (Verified Customer)

    Workouts are awesome

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  24. Nicolas (Verified Customer)


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  25. Hizzi (Verified Customer)

    Great program, well detailed informative

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  26. Monica (Verified Customer)

    Clear instructions even for beginners. Like this aspect a lot!

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  27. Óscar (Verified Customer)

    Good program for free.

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  28. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Great introductory program!

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  29. Roswitha (Verified Customer)

    A lot of good information that helps to use kettlebells correctly.

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  30. Duan Schwartz (Verified Customer)

    Good, fun workout, too early to comment on results

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  31. panourgias panagiotopoulos (Verified Customer)

    very good

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  32. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Downloaded to complement the book. Good book.

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  33. Howard (Verified Customer)

    This is a great workout! Caveman Training has the best kettlebell programming.

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  34. Wayne Lloyd (Verified Customer)

    Great workout and perfect explanations

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  35. Anonymous (Verified Customer)


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  36. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Excellent price!!!!

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  37. Samy Daghir (Verified Customer)


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  38. elad levi (Verified Customer)

    Thanks for amazing free stuff!

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  39. Christof (Verified Customer)

    Good workouts, well explained

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  40. Monica (Verified Customer)

    Very clear explanations so that even beginners can do the workouts.

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  41. Rickey P. (Verified Customer)

    Great workout

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  42. Carl (Verified Customer)


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  43. Tomaž Žabčič (Verified Customer)

    Just great

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  44. Los (Verified Customer)


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  45. Stephan (Verified Customer)

    great programm and good food for thought

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  46. T Lyn A. (Verified Customer)

    Awesome way to grow skills & body ??

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  47. Mark (Verified Customer)

    Great value for $0.

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  48. Fred S. (Verified Customer)

    Excellent product from a true expert!

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  49. Justin (Verified Customer)

    feeling the effects of it allready

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  50. Robert Allen (Verified Customer)

    Seems like a very good program. I jumped into it a bit quick before I learned most of the basics. However, with the way it helps through the process I’m able to pick it up fairly quick.

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  51. J Scott (Verified Customer)

    Great content. super generous in putting it out there for free. Will definitely be purchasing some of his other programs. Taco is the real deal.

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  52. Anonymous (Verified Customer)


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  53. Mike (Verified Customer)

    Fast delivery. Good program

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  54. Bernt Otto Moum (Verified Customer)

    I am just starting the program (3 sessions so far) and I am still adjusting/getting used to it. But I really like it, simple and efficient. Just what I needed right now.

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  55. Vincent Durbak (Verified Customer)

    a lot of new informations for me

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  56. David (Verified Customer)

    A must read

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  57. Jeff G. (Verified Customer)

    Very nice

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  58. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Awesome work at that you can take anywhere

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  59. Stephan Sandoval (Verified Customer)

    Should be required reading for every serious kettlebell enthusiast!

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  60. Keith G. (Verified Customer)

    Love Caveman Training

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  61. brian g. (Verified Customer)

    Sometimes you forget how simple workouts give you the most gains in strength.