CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Testimonial for Kettlebell Certification

I was very skeptical at first to purchase this online kettlebell course, just because I thought I knew enough about kettlebells through my time in CrossFit.

This is the first kettlebell cert I have taken, and there was a lot more to learn than I could have ever expected. In this career, you have to be open to hear other people out and look into different forms of fitness, and this was another step for me. I was honestly very impressed with the amount of knowledge I was able to obtain from this course.

The course never became redundant or boring, I enjoyed completing the lessons, there are some things that are easy and you may already know, which you can read through and complete easily. There are other parts of the course that require more thought and more focus on what needs to be completed. The video portions of the course were very fun and the feedback from Taco was great to help me become a more efficient athlete.

This cert was a great addition to my CrossFit L1 certificate I recommend that any CrossFit trainer or other trainer complete this course to add to their knowledge.


Cody Duge
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science
Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer L3.0

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