Cavemantraining for Beginners

Pushing yourself to your outer limits

What is Cavemantraining?

The caveman is often seen as a symbol of wild manhood and virility. This workout is designed to push you to achieve your inner caveman (or woman!) by pushing you to the absolute limits of your physical potential and back again showing you new boundaries you never knew existed and then crashing through them ruthlessly!

What does this consist of?

Cavemantraining takes traditional training methods and turns the volume up to 11! Exercises in the beginners track takes each exercise combination and breaks it down into manageable moves, practiced one at a time until such a time occurs that you are able to execute them perfectly in one smooth motion. Each set is only a few, intense repetitions and then we move on to the next step, the next station where the motions you just mastered are built upon and amped up to further strengthen your core muscles, back, legs and other major muscle groups.

I’m not in the best shape, can I do this?

Absolutely! This program is designed to take you along progressively until you are working each and every muscle group with all that you have in you. By the end of the work out you will be grunting, sweating and perhaps even yelling as you complete the motions and exercises, each completed station becomes a serious success!

Who is this workout aimed at?

You! Some of the people who have completed our program come from military and law enforcement backgrounds. Others are athletes of various sports from football to wrestling and others. However, the majority of our participants are people like your next door neighbour, the stay at home mother who wants to have a stronger body and the college student who feels the need to increase their cardiovascular health by implementing a heart-healthy and intense workout to get them breathing heavily and their blood pumping.

You can do this; you just need to make the commitment to yourself to better your health and physical endurance. Once you can honestly do that, and then contact us for a meeting with one of our trainers! How exactly will this benefit me? There are many ways that this course of training will benefit you, some of those (but not all!) are: Increased cardiovascular health: This workout will get your heart rate up like nothing else will; increased heart rate leads to better heart health. {{1 Giannuzzi,P. 2003;}}

Increased endurance: By engaging in aerobic exercise on a daily basis you increase your endurance for other physical activities and your energy levels.

Takes you out of your comfort zone: This approach will put stress on your mind and body, creating a stronger you mentally as well as physically!

Trains your body to work as a unit which will increase your economy of motion, saving energy instead of wasting it in unnecessary motions.

The choice comes down to you. Are you ready to make a commitment to better health and a better body? Yes? Then Contact us!

References: Giannuzzi, P., Mezzani, A., Saner, H., Bj.Arnstad, H., Fioretti, P., Mendes, M., et al. (2003). Physical activity for primary and secondary prevention. position paper of the working group on cardiac rehabilitation and exercise physiology of the European society of cardiology. European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation, 10(5), 319-327.

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