Video Footage, and Stock Photos

Cavemantraining provides kettlebell training, calisthenics, and crossfit exercise footage under the creative commons license. That means that you can download, and use any of the footage we make available under the CC license, as long as you attribute the author and Cavemantraining through proper attribution.

Furthermore, you’re required to make your work available under the same license.

The author name to attribute will be listed on the video/photo, Cavemantraining should always be attributed as ‘Cavemantraining‘ and linked with

Our footage is available on Youtube.


What you can not do with any of our footage, whether available under CC license or not:

  • monetize the footage in any shape or form
  • give the impression that you’re the owner, and/or creator of the footage


What you can do:

  • embed the videos on your website
  • download the footage and remix it


For commercial use, please contact us, we can provide customized licenses for existing footage, and/or create customized footage for your project.

When in doubt, just contact us.

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