Kettlebell Community is the owner of one of the biggest and most active kettlebell groups in which you can share your kettlebell journey, ask for information, or soak up the kettlebell wisdom that gets shared by others.

Joining a kettlebell community/group can help with motivation and education, it’s a place where you can share your workout results, ask questions, provide answers, post photos, keep track of your progress, and you can even find a free tutor for guidance.

Join our kettlebell training group today. It’s free.

At the time of this writing, our group has over 12,100 enthusiastic kettlebell community members, check it out and join

In this group, you can find videos that members have posted, photos, discussions, and get free mentorship from other members.

If you’re more of a Reddit fan, we’re also on Reddit with our kettlebell training community.


Besides our main kettlebell group, there are also more specific groups we have where specific kettlebell topics are addressed, like kettlebell workouts, kettlebell swing and, kettlebells for complete beginners.

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