Caveman MMA

Caveman MMA programmes are for those who want to add something different to their training programme. Our MMA workouts allow you to train like a real fighter. All the exercises in these workouts are functional, and you’ll be learning the moves that actual martial artists use in their bouts.

The MMA workouts are incredibly intense. If you watch MMA, you’ll know that these athletes have to put in maximum effort for numerous rounds of taxing physical activity. They’re moving non-stop, performing explosive kicks and punches that require strength and power in both the lower and upper body, as well as the entire core.

Our workouts are structured to mimic the nearly non-stop rounds that the MMA artists face, so your cardiovascular endurance will be off the charts. We also incorporate the strikes, drills, and moves that the fighters use to train and prepare for the all-out effort that they put into each fight. These drills are designed to tax the energy systems and muscles that fighters will use in their bouts, but are also extremely beneficial for anyone interested in developing muscular strength and power

This workout is effective, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, because you can work at your own pace. (But be prepared for the instructors to tell you off if you’re slacking off!)

Caveman MMA is not a dedicated fight programme, so there’ll be no real bouts in a ring. However, it’s a win-win situation for those of us who prefer to stay injury free and train like a martial artist. If you’re already into MMA, our sessions will help you improve your fight technique. If you’ve never been in a ring, you’ll go away knowing that you have the strength and fitness levels required to get in the ring, if you wanted to. If you can handle a Cavemantraining session, then 3 five minute bouts in the cage will be no challenge for you!

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