Girevoy Sport Kettlebell Swing: Transition To

So perhaps you’ve been kettlebell training for a long time and are used to the kettlebell training swing, now you’re thinking about doing a kettlebell sport course, great, you should! I too had an interest in kettlebell sport, I’ve analysed the GS swing and I have put some points together that will hopefully help your transition from kettlebell training swing to kettlebell sport swing easier.


Of course like anything, there are many ways to do the swing, some kettlebell sport champions implement different techniques, but following are some of the basic differences between kettlebell training and kettlebell sport that I think will make your transitioning much easier. If it helped any at all, please let me know.

  • in GS only the single arm swing is used, as the double arm swing does not transfer to anything in the sport
  • the kettlebell sport swing transfers to cleans and snatches
  • when training the swing, it’s to improve cleans and snatches
  • the kettlebell stays closer to the body in the up phase of the swing
  • the arm stays connected to the body longer and the hips push the kettlebell
  • the knees come forward during the up phase, think quarter squat
  • unlike kettlebell training, you want to remove resistance and be fluid
  • you can use your foot to push off and create more drive
  • you have to wear shoes and shirt (one of them is my pet peeve)
  • less core and glutes involved, emphasis is on the quads
  • wait for the kettlebell to swing back on the up phase, don’t force it
  • wait for the kettlebell to come through the legs and stand up driving the legs into the ground
  • breathing is different, exhale on the down phase and inhale on the up phase

The GS swing is completely different than the kettlebell training swing, in kettlebell training you want resistance, in GS you want to remove resistance.  Knowing that you’re only swinging to improve Cleans and Snatches will help you greatly to understand the GS swing.

Below is the video that demonstrates most of the above points, get access to it by signing in to Cavemantraining, registration is free.


Note that I’m not a professional kettlebell sport competitor and probably never will be. My passion lies with kettlebell training/GPP, but I love to understand and implement the best of anything and everything.


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