21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners

External info

You’re currently visiting external info on our website www.cavemantraining.com. There is the app which is on your phone and it contains access to the videos, and there is our website which provides additional information for each day/unit.


Getting back to the app

To get back to the app you can tap the X in the top left-hand corner.



More info

The More info on each day of the course links to a summary of the day/unit and additional details that will help you gain further knowledge of the topic at hand. It’s not required to review the additional info but highly recommended if you want to take things further.




Each day/unit of the course has a PDF you can download that contains a summary with dot points of the video. You can download the PDF to your phone, computer, or email it to yourself to review.




Playing or casting video

Note: Unless you got an unlimited phone data plan, it’s highly recommended that you are connected to a WIFI internet connection before watching the videos. If you do watch the video over your data plan then you should choose the smartphone option for lowest data size.

To watch the video for each day you make a selection from the dropdown. There are 3 different qualities to view.

  • Smartphones 480p 720×480
  • HD 720p 1280×720
  • Full HD 1080p 1920×1080




To cast the video to your TV you will need to have a casting device connected to your TV to which you can cast. If there is no device on the same WIFI network you’re connected to then the icon for casting will not appear.


The same casting icon can also be found while playing the video within the app.

Both HD and FUll HD are suitable for casting to TV.


The player looks as follows.


  1. Arrow going back to the view page (top left)
  2. Title of the video (top center)
  3. The cast icon when tapped will allow you to cast the video to a casting device
  4. The icon when tapped will rotate the viewport from horizontal to vertical and vice versa (left under the arrow)
  5. The numbers indicate the current position of the play head (left)
  6. The play head can be scrubbed to the right or left (orange dot)
  7. The numbers on the right indicate the length of the video
  8. The lock when tapped will lock all functions of the player
  9. The back icon will play the previous day/chapter
  10. The pause icon will pause the video
  11. The stop icon will stop the video and bring you back to the view page
  12. The forward icon will play the next day/chapter
  13. The fullscreen icon will put the video in fullscreen and orientate the screen vertical (bottom right)


Optional exam questions and discounts

The information on how to access the optional exam questions and discount codes can be found under Help/about in the app.


Come and say “hi”

It’s always great to meet the people that are learning through the app, so please do come and say “hi” on Facebook in the biggest kettlebell training group here, on Reddit here, or just direct. Make sure you include that you’re from the app in your post “… from the 21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners App“.


Other apps

  1. Workout Timer
  2. Kettlebell Workouts
  3. Kettlebell Exercises


Finished! What’s next?

After you completed this beginners’ course you might want to venture deeper into the world of kettlebell training.




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