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Welcome! My name is Taco Fleur, yes, that’s not a nickname, it’s really my name, had a lot of fun with it throughout my life, but it’s my name and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I currently live in Spain, on the Costa del Sol to be exact, I’m 44 years of age and getting fitter and stronger every year, I don’t tend to change that perspective either. Age is just a number.

Just quickly before telling you more about me, I’m the owner of this awesome online fitness magazine/community, but I also provide my services in person for personal training, group fitness, workshop and consulting in Fuengirola, Mijas or Benalmadena.

My personal bests (PB) are:

  • 400 burpees in one session and under an hour
  • 500 snatches, 500 swings and 500 double unders in one session
  • 200 unbroken swings with a 28kg
  • 1,501 most kettlebell swings in one session with a 28kg
  • 11,111 most total swings done in 28 days with a 28kg kettlebell
  • turkish get-up lunge style with a 30kg kettlebell (I need to improve in this area)
  • windmill with a 40kg kettlebell
  • 36kg kettlebell twist pull-under (AKA bent press, don’t have access to anything heavier at the moment, can do heavier)
  • 40kg jerk
  • strict press 30kg kettlebell (I need to improve in this area)
  • lugged a kettlebell up a 1,184m mountain
  • 200 pull-ups in one session
  • 160kg dead lift
  • 250 alternating dead clean and presses in one session with 20kg
  • 100 snatches 24kg kettlebell and on the sand
  • Rank 2 in kettlebell sport
  • 200 unbroken clean and jerk with 20kg
  • lugged a 16kg up to the highest mountain in mainland Spain (first kb up there ever)



Owner of Cavemantraining (www.cavemantraining.com and youtube.com/user/executiveresults)

Owner and head kettlebell coach at KBTE (KettlebellTraining.Education)
Creator of the online kettlebell course: kettlebell training fundamentals
Kettlebell training education

Owner of kettlebell.community plus other fitness related websites

Publisher of several books on Amazon
hip hinge ebook cover the kettlebell swing video cover


Business Goal

To create one of the best free online fitness communities and to provide some of the best online kettlebell training education available while keeping important things in mind like WHY and HOW, rather than just the ‘how’.


Taco Fleur


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Qualified CrossFit Judge
  • IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher
  • Kettlebell Level 2 Trainer
  • Kettlebell Science and Application
  • MMA Conditioning Level 1
  • MMA Fitness Level 2
  • MMA Fitness Level 1
  • BJJ Purple Belt
  • Punchfit Trainer
  • Plyometrics Trainer



  • Analyst
  • Programmer
  • Graphic designer
  • Video editor
  • Group fitness
    • CrossFit
    • Caveman Training
    • Cross Training
    • Kettlebells
    • Boot Camp
    • Interval Training / Tabata
    • Circuit Training
    • Strength Training
    • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Gym owner
  • Project management
  • Blogger
  • Personal training
  • Social media
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Entrepreneur
  • All-round IT nerd



1987 → Ran a newspaper route at age 14

(bloody oath yeah, that’s an achievement, you don’t see or hear of this anymore these days due to stupid laws which prevent teenagers from experiencing what it’s like to work for money and have responsibilities)

1989 → Joined the military (Dutch Royal Airforce) voluntarily at age 16

1996 → Moved to Spain

1997→ Opened first IT business with no prior experience

1998 → Walked the Camino Del Rey when it was still worth doing and dangerous

1999 → Swam through the Camino Del Rey (El Chorro) from start to end

2000 → Went canyoning in the Sierra Nevada

2000 → Went canyoning in the Rio Verde

2001 → Created an awesome son

2001 → Moved the family to the other side of the world, Australia

2003 → Opened second IT business

2004 → Opened our first fitness business

2005 → Ran up Mt Warning in Australia

2006 → Participated in the 100k Bribie Island Multi Sport race

2007 → Participated in Hells Bells 24 hour adventure race

2009 → Opened our first gym

2009 → Started Cavemantraining

2010 → Opened second gym

2010 → Completed Tough Mudder (the toughest event on the planet, but not really)

2010 → Muay Thai amateur fight

2011 → Competed in several BJJ tournaments, obtained Gold and Silver

2011 → Trekked up Mt Sapa, the highest mountain in Vietnam

2014 → Moved the family to Vietnam

2014 → Opened third gym in Vietnam

2015 → Moved the family to Thailand

2015 → Moved the family to Spain

2016 → Working on Fitness Break Boot Camp in Spain, offering clients everything they need to change their life in a one, two week or longer stay.



Am I a successful entrepreneur? Yes I am, I’m not a filthy rich successful entrepreneur, I’m a happy successful entrepreneur. The day will come where I’ll also make the money to complete more interesting life changing projects like “Pueblo Viejo”, till that day comes, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, I’m persistent and will never give up.

If you look at my whole career as an entrepreneur and fitness professional, I’ve owned over 400 domain names, yes seriously, mostly failures, some paid just enough, few are still going, but I loved each and every one of those projects and learned from every failure more than I did from every success. At the moment I’m very focussed, and whatever I do involves Kettlebells, as this is my expertise and passion.

I use my experience to create content that helps people understand exercise in general and kettlebells in particular, I use my analytical skills to break exercises down into manageable and easy to understand chunks of information, I use my graphic design and video production skills to illustrate the message and use my writing skills (which are improving day by day) to convey the message.



I describe myself as a down to earth unconventional fitness coach with a sarcastic sense of humour who goes against the grain, I’ve never been a follower, I’ve never been afraid to be controversial, I’m not scared to admit when I’m wrong, I put honesty first, and always keen to learn more.


Lets get the negative part out of the way and end with the positive.

Things that really annoy me are;

  • people that neglect themselves and have no respect for their body or mind
  • people that pass on that neglect to their children ← these are the worst
  • people that always come up with excuses
  • people that neglect nature and trash it
  • people that are nasty to any being


I don’t believe in the way majority of society currently operates, I’ve never been able to blindly be a follower and believe everything I’m told, I have to explore, I have to see for myself what is possible and not. I’ve learned a long time ago that if I believed what the media tries to force feed me that I would be a very unhappy and unhealthy person right now. Instead, I’m a very happy and healthy person who enjoys life and does not watch or read the news.


Taco and AnnaThe most important things in my life are my family (wife, son, father and rascal of a frenchie), kettlebells, mountains, waterfalls, forests and anything fitness related. I love everything I do, it’s not work to me, it’s my life, I love working with people, see them progress and reach their goals.


I don’t easily take anybodies word for it —I make a few exceptions when people know and explain the WHY— I like to experience things myself, I do my research, and when I do, I make sure I read a lot of peoples opinions, I like to do so because I believe there is always a chance that things can be improved. I suggest anyone to do the same, don’t even take my word for it, I can be wrong too. If I am, pull me up on it.


I don’t like just one style of music, I like many good songs across different genres, opera, classical, 80’s, 90’s, dubstep, hard rock, heavy metal and more. I don’t care in what category it is, I care about it speaking to me, and getting enjoyment from it.

Like with my music, my training is the same, although I favour the kettlebell more than anything else, there is no particular style I’m attached to, there are things I like and things I don’t like from each style, I take what I like and create my Caveman style. Like with my running, I can’t run the same path everyday, I get bored, so I switch it up, not only does this prevent me from getting bored, I think it helps me learn more and more about many and a variety of things.

On that note, I’d like to get into kettlebell sport, I’d like to compete, but there are a few things that are holding me back, 1. I’m a whimp 2. I got no endurance … ok, let’s get serious, I’m not one for wearing shoes during training, I seriously can’t stand it, if you ever see me train with shoes on, it’s because I’m forced to do so. I also feel that there is still some mysterious archaic stuff going on that I don’t want to be involved with. One day I’ll get my own group of men and women together, and we’ll be doing some comps without shoes and shirts.

I also don’t like cults, or groups of people that go, do it this way only or you don’t belong here. Not pointing any fingers, just saying.


I like to wear shorts, shirt and flipflops (thongs as the aussie say). Actually, I prefer not to wear a shirt if at all possible, not to show of, just for the free feeling, I wear no jewelry, no watch, and hate shoes as they ruin your feet. Of course I need to wear shoes, and when I do, the only shoes that go on my feet are the BLACK ASICS GEL KAYANO, I’m not being paid to say this, but these have been my go-to shoe since the day I found them. I shave my head, not to look mean, but because I enjoy the freedom and not having to worry which way it’s combed or how hard the wind blows.


I like to be free, I co-operate with many people,
I don’t just take, I also give and sometimes just give without taking (although that seems to get me in more trouble than anything else).


I rather talk and resolve issues than avoid them,
don’t like holding grudges, and forgive people when they apologise.

I don’t do onto others what I don’t like done to myself.


I can take a joke! Even if it’s about me.
But let’s put that in context.

If the joke is made with no harmful intentions, I’m all for it, the problem is, sometimes you just don’t know, sometimes you didn’t sleep well and wake up on the wrong side of the bed, sometimes there are other factors involved that don’t make you see the fun of it, but I can honestly say that in general I can take a joke and take no offence. I too take the piss sometimes, and when I do, it’s all in good fun, I make fun just about anything, kettlebells, crossfit, hardstyle, softstyle, you name it. With that said, if you’re not sure about my joke or I have taken offence to your joke, have a chat with me, we’ll get it sorted.


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