Keep calm and train hardcore

Caveman WOD ‘Alvarita’

This workout—although not as complex as some of the others— really took it out of me, in particular the combination of the Conventional Jerk and Overhead Reverse Lunge! This workout consists of only four exercises, namely:   Double arm Swing and High Flip Conventional Jerk and Overhead Reverse Lunge Around the Legs Chest Push-up   …

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Workout WOD ‘Deadgemite’

This awesome workout targets the whole body, is performed with an Olympic Barbell and two Kettlebells. The exercises hit your upper back, trapezius, rhomboids and deltoids, lets not forget the biceps, the core, erector spinae and then also just about everything in the lower-body, the gluteus maximus, hamstrings, quadriceps, as if that’s not enough, it …

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Workout ‘Clean-up’

Not only do you need to clean your Kettlebells, but you’ll be cleaning yourself up after this short but intense workout. Check my time and load for this workout in the comments. Buy your kettlebell shirts here.   Workout ‘Clean-up’ 25 x Kettlebell Dead Clean & Press (R) 25 x Kettlebell Dead Clean & Press …

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