kettlebell complex

Kettlebell Complex

Black Cloud Kettlebell Complex

This kettlebell complex consists of the following kettlebell exercises: Swing Clean Press Row Hang Clean Perform 6 times on one side and switch. 12 rounds (left and right equals 1 round). Use 1 kettlebell of medium weight. It can also be varied and turned into a strength and more power dominant complex by going heavier […]

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Kettlebell Strength Complex

The Asgard Kettlebell Strength Complex

This is the Asgard Kettlebell Strength Complex designed by Cavemantraining. This awesome strength complex is performed with two kettlebells and consists of: Squat Dead curl Rack Stand up Press Rack Drop Bent-over row Dead Renegade rows Deadlift There is also an alternative version working with one kettlebell for some of the exercises. This complex requires

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Ultimate Kettlebell Combo

This is the Ultimate Kettlebell Combo, not to be confused with WBKC—world’s best kettlebell combo… AKA Ultimate Kettlebell Complex The UKC is as following: Deadlift (squat) Hang clean (squat) Swing clean (hip hinge) Swing (hip hinge) Half snatch (hip hinge) Press (strict) Drop and repeat You can program this combo in your workouts, or check

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