• Hip hinge drill
  • Hip hinge drill

What is the Hip Hinge? How do You Perform it Correctly? Kindle Edition



What is the Hip Hinge? How do You Perform it Correctly?: Explained in plain English so everyone can understand it.


Due to the Hip Hinge being such a fundamental movement for every-day life, the precursor to popular exercises like the Deadlift, Bent-Over Row and Kettlebell Swing, the movement deserves a book of its own, this is it.


The Hip Hinge is a fundamental movement in exercise. It is vital because knowing and performing it correctly will prevent injury and will allow you to work a large portion of the posterior chain muscles with one movement. Also, a lot of important exercises—such as the Kettlebell Swing, the traditional Deadlift, Bent-Over Rows and many more—depend on this movement.


This book will cover every intrinsic detail of the Hip Hinge movement, explained and broken down in such a way that everyone can understand it; it’s basic but at the same time advanced.


“No one should progress to exercises like the hip hinge deadlift, bent-over row or the kettlebell swing without fully understanding the hip hinge movement.” ~ Anna Junghans (Gym Owner – Gym Elite)


“This publication is a great asset for fitness enthusiasts. It covers an under-appreciated yet vital element in functional movement, the hip hinge. I’m glad I got the opportunity to help contribute to this important topic. I hope you find it useful and informative and, most importantly, incorporate this valuable information into your fitness routine.”
~ Derek Fronczak (NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Functional Training specialist)


“You are doing a great service to people who are new to kettlebells and fitness in general. Breaks my heart when I see a large class using their upper body to move kettlebells with the kettlebell swing.” ~ Tony Gomez


“The hip hinge is one of the fundamental movement patterns for human beings and Taco Fleur has provided a guide to help the reader own the movement. Broken down into component parts, with definitions and videos, this little ebook is big on performing the hip hinge correctly. It is sure to become a valuable addition to your reference library.” ~ Wendy Chappell


“Throughout my life I have attended many courses and workshops, from most I walked away thinking to myself that if they just changed the wording slightly, presented things differently, and did not assume everyone would know what they were talking about, then a lot more people would have benefit from the information provided. I have learned from these experiences and vowed not to make the same mistake.” ~ Taco Fleur (Owner of Cavemantraining)


Table of Contents

What is the Hip Hinge? How do You Perform it Correctly?

  • – Definitions 8
  • – What is it? 10
  • – What is it not? 10
  • – Confusion 10
  • – Daily Life Applications 11
  • – Exercise Applications 11
  • – Requirements 12
  • – What are Hips? 12
  • – What is a Hinge? 12
  • – Cavemantraining definition of the Hip Hinge 13
  • – Posterior Chain 14
  • – Resistance 15
  • – Dynamic vs Static 15
  • – Muscles 15
  • – Muscle Groups Worked 16
  • – Main Muscle Targets 17
  • – Synergists and Stabilizers 17
  • – Details 18
    • — Gluteal muscle group 20
    • — Gluteus maximus 20
    • — Hamstring muscle group 21
    • — Semitendinosus muscle (part of the hamstring muscle group) 22
    • — Semimembranosus muscle (part of the hamstring muscle group) 22
    • — Biceps femoris muscle (part of the hamstring muscle group) 23
    • — Erector spinae muscles 25
  • – Hip flexors 25
  • – Hip extensors 27
  • – The Hip Hinge Four Phase Movement Pattern 27
  • – Hip Hinge Drills 27
  • – Corrections 28
  • – Back Aches and Pains 29
  • – Supercharge your Weightlifting 35
  • – Cues 36
  • – What is “Pulling Yourself Down”? 38
  • – Hip Hinge Variations 39
    • — Conventional Hip Hinge 41
    • — Straight-Legged Hip Hinge 43
    • — Conventional One-Legged Hip Hinge 43
    • — Straight One-Legged Hip Hinge 43
    • — Staggered Hip Hinge 43
  • – Incorrect Muscle Engagement 44
  • – Common mistakes 44
  • – Hip Mobility 45
  • – Become certified 46
  • – What do you think? Seriously! What do you think? 46
  • – Additional material 47


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