Kettlebell Wholesale

Kettlebell Suppliers and Wholesale, Custom-made Kettlebells

Kettlebell WholesaleIf you’re:

  • Wanting to make your own kettlebells to sell to the public
  • Looking for a business that can promote your kettlebells
  • Looking for a new business venture


Here is what Cavemantraining offers:

  • Market reach of thousands of people each month with the majority
    • English speaking
    • Male
    • Located in the United States
    • Located in the United Kingdom
    • Located in other English speaking countries
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Social media
  • Organize manufacturing
  • Video production


Kettlebell Manufacturing

We’ve previously had our own kettlebells created several times and shipped from overseas to several of our gyms. Our business plan does not include physical products that have to be stored, we only deal with drop shipping, electronic products, and services. We’ve approached existing kettlebell manufactures and have not achieved the desired outcome. Hence, we’re on the lookout for someone that is wanting to enter the business of selling kettlebells with a reliable partner that can promote the product to an already existing audience.


Kettlebell Marketing

We have an audience highly targetted and always asking for what we consider the best kettlebell. Our audience grows drastically but as of this writing is monthly:

  • Facebook groups 40k
  • Facebook pages 50k post reach
  • Pinterest 134.5k monthly viewers
  • YouTube 109k views and 38k subscribers
  • Website 60k sessions
  • Mailing list 10k
  • Books, DVDs, and courses 2k
  • And more

Cavemantraining owns the largest Facebook group for kettlebells, the YouTube channel is one of the top channels in its niche, the total reach of Cavemantraining nearly doubles each quarter and dominates the kettlebell space. Cavemantraining and kettlebells are becoming synonymous.



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