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Here at Cavemantraining we have plenty of writers and editors to write for you, if you’re looking for a custom written or well researched fitness related article, look no further. We also have an audience larger than 50,000 to put your article in-front of.

You can have an article written or workout designed by our team for brand association, brand exposure, SEO purposes or traffic.

Provide any of the following or let us take care of everything:

  • Up to two outbound links (if listed on Cavemantraining)
  • Embedded videos
  • Video production
  • Research
  • Copyright free images (including our own)
  • Distribution
  • Search engine optimisation


Articles range in quality, to give you an idea of the time it takes we’ll list several examples:

The duration of writing an article depends on the following factors:

  • Are sources required
  • Is research required
  • The number of words
  • Whether the topic is provided
  • Creativity required
  • What effect is required

The cost depends on:

  • Duration
  • Distribution
  • Type of association with our brand

We will only write about subjects that align with our training methods and ethics.

Contact us today to discuss your article requirements.

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