From Zero To Kettlebell Superhero (4 Weeks)

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A personal welcome from me to From Zero To Kettlebell Superhero (4 Weeks).

The course comes with the following:

  • Ebook
  • Audiobook
  • Videos
  • Coaching
  • Certificate
  • Q&A

I will give you some time to read the book and watch the video. If you have not downloaded the book to your computer yet, please do so now, you should have received an email with a link, or you can go to your orders.

Please do note that there is a two-month expiration on the course, meaning that if you read and watch the video within 4 weeks, you still have another 4 weeks to take advantage of the coaching and Q&A.

You can access the video here
Your password is: SH5UC40ZUN

You can access the audiobook here
Your password is: KIYS4LUA4F

You can access the private forum here, and the public group here. If you post in the public group (where most people post), you will need to tag your assessor or send him/her an email.

Note: You’re not allowed to share your password, nor viewing of the video, this purchase is valid only for you.

After you have read the book and watched the video, you have 4 weeks in which you’ll have access to me for questions and answers. If you have any issues with any of the following movements I will be available to provide coaching on:

  • Swing ✓
  • Press ✓
  • Clean ✓
  • Row ✓
  • And other topics covered in the book

IMPORTANT: You have 2 months in total, however, the 4 weeks of coaching and Q&A will start from the day that we receive questions and/or you require coaching.

First, read the book, watch the video, and then start your Q&A plus coaching.


Please proceed below to take a short exam.

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