Cavemantraining Protocols

To be Cave(wo)man one has to live by the Cavemantraining Protocols. Following are the protocols that govern our training for life. Cavemantraining.
  1. Form and Technique First
  2. Find Your Passion but Train All-round
  3. Change it up
  4. Find Balance
  5. Integrate That Which is Good
  6. Keep Learning with an Open Mind
  7. Exposure is Key
  8. Share Your Knowledge
  9. Respect Yourself and Others


1) Form and Technique First

Your body should be put under stress and be able to work under intense conditions, but never at the cost of form and technique. Form and technique first equal safety first.


2) Find Your Passion but Train All-round

Your body should be capable of amazing strength, endurance, speed, power, skill, and agility feats and therefore you should train in all those areas. Having a preference is understandable and you should use that preference to your advantage but never let it be the defeat of you by not being ready for anything. Be good at everything.


3) Change it up

Don’t let your training become monotone. Train a particular skillset and master it. Be good at one thing but don’t forget number 2.


4) Find Balance

Your training should be balanced and in tune with your body. You should train high-intensity, low-intensity, endurance, agility, speed, power, strength, mobility, flexibility, coordination, and so much more. Find the balance that works for you at the moment in time and adjust over time s your skills improve. Create balance.


5) Integrate That Which is Good

Your training should be anything that is good for you and not limits you in any way.  Integrate mobility training, calisthenics, Olympic weightlifting, mace training, suspension training, kettlebell training, and whatever else is good for you. From our perspective (which does not have to be yours) the priorities are as follows:

  • Kettlebell training HIGH
  • Calisthenics HIGH
  • Mobility training HIGH
  • Compound exercises HIGH
  • Martial arts training HIGH
  • Outdoor exposure HIGH
  • Mental training HIGH
  • Olympic weightlifting MEDIUM
  • Suspension training LOW
  • Mace/clubbell training LOW
  • Isolation exercises LOW

Discover and integrate.


6) Keep Learning with an Open Mind

Always moving forward, keep learning with an open mind and never be a one trick pony. Don’t dismiss or attack that which you don’t know or understand. Be confident enough to say “I don’t know, please explain”. Keep learning.


7) Exposure is Key

Exposure to discomfort, cold, heat, pain, relaxation, pressure, and all other things that expose your body and mind in such a way it takes you out of your comfort zone are those that are key to you becoming a better and more resilient version of yourself. Exposure yourself.


8) Share Your Knowledge

Help others grow and share your knowledge but never force that which you believe upon others. Share only that of which you’re certain and have mastered. Share that which you’re unsure of but making it clear that you’re not an expert in that area. Share that which you’ve just learned but making it clear you’ve just learned and are still in the process of mastering it. Don’t provide feedback unless asked for. Help improve others and yourself at the same time by sharing.

Share in the following groups: Kettlebell training, CrossFit WOD and Programming, CrossFit Programming, Nothing but training matters…, Kettlebell questions and answers, and Kettlebell workout.


9) Respect Yourself and Others

Respect yourself before anything else. This means that you balance and look after what you eat and how you function, which is where training comes into play. Respect and treat others like you want to be treated. Respect the planet and animals you have the privilege of sharing your life with.

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