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Kettlebell Spiral Press

This is the kettlebell spiral press and we started using it to involve more spinal rotation in training. Spinal rotation is one of the things often overlooked in most kinds of training, but not kettlebell training, there is already the Bent Press which has been used for decades, if not longer! Then there are great exercises like the kettlebell Windmill, recently the kettlebell armbar has become popular, and now there is the kettlebell spiral press.


spiralGo to a machine gym and how often do you see someone do any rotational work on the machine? Lat pull-down, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, rowing, and more, all one-directional exercises. But the thoracic spine is made to twist, most people just don’t do it enough, or don’t know enough about it to keep it safe.


Some of the most important things to keep in mind are correct alignment and proper progression, just like you don’t go and stretch your hamstrings from not being able to kiss your toes, to putting your legs behind your neck, and just like that you don’t get the full range rotation when starting out with the spiral press.



Master The Kettlebell Press BookThe kettlebell spiral press is described in the book I wrote together with Joe Daniels, you can order it here or on Amazon. The book is over 130 pages long and goes into deep details of pressing, and also covers any variation of pressing you can think of.


More info about the Spiral Press

I’ll provide some more info on the spiral press, as attempting this without some knowledge and care can be dangerous, just like deadlifting is. The rotation should come from the thoracic spine. You should not be trying to rotate with your lumbar, hips, or knees. Yes in the video 30 to 40% of the rotation is lower body, but this is due to shifting, not lower body joint rotation. Never over-rotate or force the spine, ever.


Once you understand this press, can perform it safely and include it in your regular training it will increase overall performance, strength, and flexibility in your upper torso. It can even help with shoulder, neck, and other back problems.


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Kettlebell windmill video



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