A Caveman in Nepal

What is Cavemantraining?

Watch the video to get answers to questions like: What is Cavemantraining? Do we put our parents in old-homes (nursing homes) or do they put themselves there? Why should you be doing kettlebells? Why should you keep moving? Plus a message to this generation that can mean the difference between dying at 60 or 100.

Freeze Your Snowballs NSFW

Last weekend we’ve been training for our adventure in Nepal, got a bit of fun footage. Warning NSFW (hopefully I blurred all bits correctly). This Monday we’ll be going up again and stay overnight on the mountain. We’ll be carrying heavy backpacks with the tent and other gear, take the trusted kettlebell along, just one …

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A Caveman in Nepal—a world’s first.

Hi guys, come and be part of our epic 130km adventure in Nepal. We’re going to be the first to ever bring kettlebells up Mt Everest. Check the video and then go to this page for full details. We’ll be providing regular updates from now on.

A Caveman in Nepal

14 April 2018 The first vlog entry is that of some light training. I carried up our backpack with camera equipment plus a 16kg kettlebell. Anna and I also shot some footage to promote the Unconventional Kettlebell Competition Spartan Warrior. Benooi was at work this day. We’re still a long way out, so training does not have to …

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