Jean-Robert Rioux

B.Sc. Kinesiology  CSCS CPPS-L1 CKFT-L3  CKCT-L3.1 BRC CPT TAI Kinesiology graduate of 2008 promotion at the University of Montreal, Jean-Robert has worked mainly with the Canadian military clientele. He is part of the Canadian Armed Forces fitness instructors since 2009 under the Personnel Support Program agency. Over time, he developed training programs and courses specifically for the CAF: Strongman course, Powerlifting course and other specialized training programs like Special Operations Forces – applicant’s preparation camp. He also has an interest in unconventional training methods/tools, like kettlebells, battling ropes and maces. He found that the military clientele needs more transverse and frontal plane work instead of only regular weight lifting exercises in the sagittal plane to be considered military fit. Cavemantraining Certified Trainer.

The Barbell Challenge

Do you want to be challenged? The Olympic barbell is a piece of equipment that you use often in the gym but more than likely in a conventional manner! Do you want to eliminate boredom from it? Try this challenge! Not only the biggest or strongest will prevail on this challenge … but also the […]

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Don’t skip your warm-ups

Nobody really warms up …  but you should, here’s how! Over the years of physical preparation and general fitness development with my clients, I came to the conclusion that if you don’t give direct information on the warm-up, your clients will not do it by themselves. Even if you do, most of the trainees just

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