21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners

Day 9 Kettlebell pendulum swing


  • There are 3 main movements to perform the swing
  • Squat; Hip hinge; Pendulum
  • The pendulum swing comes from kettlebell sport
  • The pendulum swing is usually performed with one arm
  • Make space for the bell
  • Stay connected
  • Go with the flow
  • Don’t resist the weight
  • This is a push whereas the other two movements are a pull
  • Push the arms forward
  • Great swing for high volume reps
  • Each swing has its own reason for doing them
  • The pendulum swing is great for the clean
  • There are many different ways to perform the pendulum swing
  • The pendulum swing provides the least amount of stress on the body
  • Know when to use one over the other


Kettlebell pendulum swing:

  • Bump the weight out
  • The knees bent
  • The arms connect with the body
  • The hips are coming back to prevent an abrupt stop
  • The knees extend to prevent an abrupt stop
  • The shoulders are coming down (hip hinge) to prevent an abrupt stop
  • The weight comes back through gravity
  • Follow the bell with the hips
  • Keep the arms connected
  • Push with the hips
  • Perform slight hip hyperextension if flexibility allows (stay connected longer)
  • The weight does not need to come to any specific height
  • Let the weight come back in and through
  • Repeat



Your ninth task is to complete several sets of the pendulum swing with double arm as per below, but if you find that the swing works better for you with single arm that is fine too, just split the number of reps in half for each side.


Start with a dead start if you have the flexibility, if you don’t, remember to work on your flexibility.


Pick a weight that is close to 1/3 heavier than what you’ve been using for the hip hinge swings. Your objective is to understand the movement, to analyse the movement, to make notes, and to keep repeating the task over time until you have mastered it.

Perform 20 reps. Put the weight down. Reset. Repeat. Rest when required. Perform 6 rounds. Reduce reps if you’re having difficulty, increase reps if things are improving. Aim to work up to one set of 60.



You can film your pendulum swing for feedback. Submit your video in any way possible. See the bonus lecture for suggestions.

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