21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners

Day 3 Kettlebell anatomy and grip

The following is a summary of day 3.


Kettlebell anatomy:

  • Handle
  • Horn(s)
  • Window
  • Bell
  • Base

Grip is usually the first point of failure on high reps with correct technique.


Common kettlebell grips:

  • Hook grip
  • Closed hook grip
  • Double hand grip
  • Closed double hand grip


Other points:

  • A kettlebell grip should be loose but tight enough to hold on to the kettlebell
  • You can work your grip strength by holding the kettlebell in the tips of the fingers
  • Wrist strength is often overlooked in training
  • You can work on lateral wrist flexion with the kettlebell on the ground and base pointing up
  • When you first start training make sure you ease into reps and weight
  • Progress slowly and rest enough so you can keep training
  • You can work wrist flexion and extension while standing and letting the bell hang next to you
  • Stretch your forearms after working out
  • Grip is relaxed at the top of the swing


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