Uploading Videos for Assessment

During your course you might need to upload videos for assessment, you will need a digital recording device, any device like a phone, camera or even a laptop with build-in camera will be sufficient as long as you meet the requirements below.

The requirements are:

  • make sure your whole body is always visible in the video
  • do not film from a long distance, just far enough to get the whole body in the video
  • video size needs to be at least 720×480, 1920×1080 is optimal and any higher than that is not required
  • upload the videos with the description posted in the lesson
  • properly lit area (not dark or too light)
  • make sure that the video is public so your assessor can view
  • make sure to adhere to other additional requirements listed on the exam
  • specify whether your footage is not to be used for commercial purposes like course promotion or other video ads

Where to upload?

You can literally upload your video anywhere as long as your assessor is able to access the video for viewing without delay or issues. Some of the options, but not limited to, are:

Instagram will not suffice as they only allow up to 60 seconds.

Combining videos

If the lesson allows you to combine videos, that means you can shoot all angles and exercises required can be shot in one video, however you need to remove any long pauses or breaks by stopping and starting recording. If your recording device has the option, you can pause and resume recording. You’re also allowed to edit out pauses and break with software if you have the capability to do so.


Unless otherwise stated, you’re never allowed to modify the speed of your recording.




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