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Cavemantraining Team Member: Anna Junghans

Anna Junghans

Anna Junghans

Anna Junghans is one of the co-owners of Cavemantraining. Anna will be providing topics on strength and fat loss. Anna is available for online coaching and she’ll also be answering your questions in our forums.



Australian Kettlebells Level 1 & 2 Trainer AIK
Kettlebell Instructor DynoBells
Certificate III & IV in Personal Training College of Health and Fitness
Level 2 Exercise Professional Fitness Australia
Group Exercise Instructor Fitness Australia
TRX Instructor PT Academy
Boxing Level 1 Instructor Thump
Boxing Advanced Accredited Instructor Thump
Les Mills International BODYPUMP Instructor Les Mills
Les Mills International BodyCOMBAT Instructor Les Mills
Gloria Marshall Weight loss Consultant Gloria Marshall Figure Salons
Fitness Leaders FatBusters
First Aid & CPR St Johns
Senior First Aid St Johns
Sports Nutrition Course


My Training Philosophy

Fitness is not a diet or a training fad, it is a lifestyle that can make or break your quality of life. One small change every week can save your life, too many changes all at once can be overwhelming and lead to frustration and failure…


My Experience

My time in the Health and Fitness Industry has been very rewarding, helping people of all walks of life to get their act together and make a lifestyle change. Some for Health reasons, others just to keep fit, whatever the reason a person comes to me for, I’m very passionate about what I do! I don’t see my profession as a job it’s what I love to do! It’s all about “Slow and Steady” that wins the race..

Here is my experience and what I can do and teach…and also what I love to do myself.

  • Group fitness
    • Caveman Training
    • CrossFit Training
    • Kettlebells
    • Boot Camp
    • Interval Training / Tabata
    • Circuit Training
    • Strength Training
    • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    • Boxing
    • Kickboxing/Muay Thai
    • TRX Training
    • Nutrition


I love to travel and as you can see from my website I have run and owned several gyms throughout my life with my husband. It all started back in 2004 with EXECUTIVE RESULTS

2009 we opened up “The TOUGH SPOT” in West End Brisbane, it was doing really well so we decided to open a 2nd The TOUGH Spot in Albion Brisbane another successful gym. After a few years we decided we had enough of Australia it was time to move overseas, it’s always been my goal to live in Thailand and open a fitness retreat, but to cut a long story short things didn’t work out straight away, with changes to the country, the laws etc we decided to make a move to Vietnam, that’s where we opened up our 3rd gym “GYM ELITE” after a year we really couldn’t see ourselves living there long term, another story to tell (further down the track).

We then decided to give Thailand one more go, we actually made the move, after 3months of being in Thailand, we had to make some really rash decisions, as things were getting really tough, with the countries laws our heads were really doing us in…What do we do? Move back to my home country Australia or go back to where it all started in Spain and where I met the love of my life. So we decided to make the move back to Spain, back to Malaga where my son was born 15 years ago. We now have a box set up “GARAJE DE WOD” this is from home where I do Personal Training, and I also run mobile, and hold group fitness sessions around the Costa Del Sol. Once we are settled a little more here we will eventually open up another gym/box as we like to call it..with a lot more space have loads more people in our classes and a supplement shop on the side.


I see my life as a fullfilment in everything I have done, yes we are not “RICH” materialistically but we are RICH in Heart through travelling the world, opening up gyms, living in different countries experiencing different cultures, that’s what Real Life is all about to me. I don’t like being in an enormous DEBT to a bank for something that will take you the rest of your life to pay off…


Things I love doing in Life

Spending time with my family, I love it when we can ALL train together..

I love to WOD with my husband and beat his ass!

I love to Train, Train, Train, Eat, Train, Sleep, Repeat! 🙂

Strength Training is my Forte!

I Love Kettlebells

I love Crossfit

I love learning Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Great Skill to have

I Love Boxing and Muay Thai

I love to Cook (when the mood is right)

I love Nutrition (I love teaching my clients a new way of eating)

I love to spend time with my Frenchie, he’s always up to mischief..

I love to go shopping and buy workout gear, which I practically live in 24/7 (Oh how I miss my LJ gear)

I love the beach, this is where I find “Peace & Serenity” listening to the ocean waves

I love Positivety, this will get you, to where you want to be in Life!

Never Throw the Towel In, Wipe Up the Sweat and get Back Up!

Remember the best days are ahead of you and not behind you. Be aware that sometimes life can rob you of your dreams but don’t let it! …life is far too short and we should never have regrets! I love the phase pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again! If your having a bad day always remember that its just a bad day and not a bad life! Always be stronger than your excuses!


Words of Wisdom!

  1. Exercise boosts brain power
  2. Movement melts away stress
  3. Exercise gives you energy
  4. It’s not hard to find time to exercise.
  5. Fitness can help build relationships.
  6. Exercise helps ward off disease/dis- ease
  7. Fitness pumps your heart
  8. Exercise boosts your performance
  9. Exercise boosts your metabolism
  10. Remember that weight loss is not always the most important goal! Think energy, sleep, self esteem feel good endorphins will take over.

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