high intensity interval training

Kettlebell HIIT

Kettlebell HIIT

Kettlebells are not only great for cardio or high-intensity interval training even though it may seem like it. Kettlebells are great for every aspect of training, whether strength, hypertrophy, cardiovascular or muscular endurance, flexibility, etc.  But the focus here will be on kettlebells for high-intensity interval training. There are many kettlebell exercises that are great […]

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Cardio Workout HIIT

On our 7th day in Columbia South Carolina, we’re doing 2 workouts a day, cardio in the morning and strength in the afternoon. This was today’s cardio workout or high-intensity interval training (or close enough) as an E2MOM. It’s just a quick 20-minute workout programmed as a 2-minute interval to complete: 5 kettlebell snatches on

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