Microfitness Training for Women

Women today have so many things to do – and so little time in which to do them. We juggle careers, family obligations, school, and try to squeeze in time for friends when we can. Sure, we’d like to commit to a fit and healthy lifestyle, but with only twenty-four hours in a day, there’s hardly time for a social life, let alone exercise.

If this sounds like you, then Microfitness Female is just the programme for you! We’ve tailored this programme especially for women, and all you need is 15 to 20 minutes, twice to three times a week. That’s less time than it takes to watch one episode of a sitcom. No matter how busy you are, you can afford that! Your health and fitness are worth it.

Don’t let the short sessions fool you into thinking that this is an easy program. There are no shortcuts to fitness – if there were, we’d all be sporting six-packs and sculpted arms. The workouts are short intense bursts of activity that will challenge your muscles and your cardiovascular system. You’ll burn calories during the session, and your metabolism will be revving for hours afterward!

No worries if you’ve never been to a gym, or if the last time you exercised was in high school. You can do the workouts alone or under the guidance of a personal trainer, who will ensure that you learn good form, and perform the exercises safely and at the correct intensity. If you’re already a regular gym-goer, Microfitness Female will take your workouts to the next level. You haven’t worked hard until you’ve been pushed to the max by our highly experienced trainers!

Need another reason to try Microfitness Female? Many of us train because we want a strong, sexy physique. Admit it! Vanity is a big motivator. Who doesn’t want to look like Jennifer Garner did in Alias, or Linda Hamilton did in Terminator 2? These are just two examples of strong kick-ass heroines, who still look feminine and sexy. Microfitness Female, combined with your trainer’s nutrition advice, can give you tight abs, taut thighs, sculpted arms. We can help you get the physique you want!

Apart from helping you look good, Microfitness Female gives you functional strength as well. You’ll be strong enough to lift your child over your shoulders and fit enough to go running on the beach with your puppy for hours. You’ll astound those male chauvinists at the supermarket when you carry a week’s worth of groceries to your car – in one hand! And if you’ve ever dreamed of running a marathon, hiking in the Himalayas, or kayaking in Alaska, our programme can help you build the fitness to do those things too.

Sharon Lim

After reading about the intensity of the workouts and benefits they give, you may think they are more geared towards men but in reality, the programs are so uniquely designed, they work for both men and women equally well.

This may actually be a lot rarer in programs on the market today then you may think. Never before, in history have so many women wanted to develop their physique by training similar to the way men train. However, this is also a good thing, physiologically women have the same skeletal muscles as men, and they react to training very well. For example, women bodybuilding competitions are held every year right alongside men’s competitions and they draw just as big of a crowd. And the women competitors couldn’t be happier, they see this as another artificial barrier being taken down that limited them n the past and an example of cultural transformation.

However, do not worry; hormones in the body are different for men and women and women still will not get huge developed muscles as men do, as a personal trainer, this is a misconception I hear a lot and an excuse a lot of women use to avoid training altogether.

Nevertheless, a huge benefit woman will achieve from these programs the exact same as men, are the effects it will have on your cardiorespiratory system. The more you train the cardiorespiratory system, the more efficient your body will be at supplying blood and oxygen throughout itself and will reduce the risk of many medical issues later down the road. Cardio training improves your hearts stroke volume (the amount of blood it pumps with each beat) and allows it to beat less and still achieve more in the long run. This will lower your resting heart rate and is a great method of preventing complications later as it overall reduces stress placed on your body.

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