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Learn how to perform 10 of the CAVEMANROM suite of exercises, understand how to perform them, when, why, and much more. Obtain a certificate and use them for yourself or your clients.


CAVEMANROM is for athletes, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA fighters, Crossfitters, Kettlebell enthusiasts, and everyday people. It is for everyone that wants to move better, function better, and feel better.

The natural progression in CAVEMANROM is mastering the bodyweight movement first, then add a light load to force more stability and increase ROM under load. The load is light and appropriate. Nothing in CAVEMANROM is about speed, reps, weight, or setting a time. Everything in CAVEMANROM is about improving, injury-proofing, increasing range of motion, increasing all aspects of mobility.



How does it work?

Anyone anywhere in the world can participate in this online kettlebell course, all you need is an internet connection, and video recording device in the form of a smartphone, go-pro, or camera.

Directly after you sign-up you will receive several links to download the study material in the form of PDF, and/or video. You can then study at your own pace, complete exams, and submit assessments at your own leisure, as long as that’s within the time assigned to complete this course. You will get your own assessor with whom you can communicate and ask questions.


What’s included?

  • Ebook(s)
    • Master Kettlebell Grips
    • Master Kettlebell Racking
    • Kettlebell Guide for Beginners
  • Video(s)
  • Course access
  • CAVEMANROM certificate of participation


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